Most URGENT rescue EVER! Kitten falls 43 ft straight down a water well & cries for help for 5 DAYS!
We NEVER filmed ANYTHING like this... this is BEYOND EPIC and today we need YOUR help in making this video GO VIRAL. Please share this video with your family and friends on your favorite social media network.
We are about to celebrate Hope For Paws' 10th birthday in a few days, and I really hope that many of you who haven't done so yet will make a small donation to our organization so we can save many more animals:
Thanks :-)
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  • Magicstin


  • Anaysia Ford
    Anaysia Ford

    this makes me sad that the kitty hasn't ate food drink water and has been cold for five days but im glad hes alive

  • MarshallMom

    jjjjijiguh cv v


    oh no

  • Lauren Ashley
    Lauren Ashley

    that is so nice

  • Eng Sebastian
    Eng Sebastian

    We love kitty's !!!(╥﹏╥)(╥﹏╥)

  • Mr Cheese
    Mr Cheese

    Because the cat is getting weaker

  • Mr Cheese
    Mr Cheese

    I am about to cry

  • Patrick Sumpter
    Patrick Sumpter

    This is sad 😭😭😭

  • M Pylkkänen
    M Pylkkänen

    How the hell the cat got in there

  • siana Zemke
    siana Zemke

    Not rip jaaaaaaa💓💓💓💞💞💞💞💞💞💞👏

  • USubISub Cats
    USubISub Cats

    Jesus that's crazy least the cats ok

  • Savana Groetsch
    Savana Groetsch

    thank you for helping that butiful cat

  • Faris Gouda
    Faris Gouda

    i am so glad you rescude the kittin

  • Kosta Rajacic
    Kosta Rajacic

    Never leave cats or dogs to suffer Help the Wild! don't leave them to suffer Message: never leave animals to suffer then you're destroying the world Help the animals help the Earth.

  • Khalil Williams
    Khalil Williams

    Lol was that them meowing 😂 wtf

  • Khalil Williams
    Khalil Williams

    Hate to say it but that stick contraption was the dumbest shit I ever seen.

  • Julia Aveline-Rabenjoro
    Julia Aveline-Rabenjoro

    You guys just make my heart melt. This kitten went from being freezing in a dirty drainpipe 43 feet underground where he would be lost and forgotten to a prized companion with lots of toys, an amazing friend Shaggy and some incredible parents! This is one of the best rescues you've done. (All of them being amazing each time though let's not forget) We need more people like you who care about other beings rather then people who care about money and personal status growth. It's so nice to know that donations go to saving lives and not deforestation or abuse for once. Thank you!

  • S N
    S N

    Rehearsal for a delivery🤣🤣🤣

  • Elena Condo
    Elena Condo

    my name is gemini

  • Elena Condo
    Elena Condo

    wow you saved a cat good job

  • moalMA MoaMA
    moalMA MoaMA

    🥺👍🐈 wow

  • Sk Salman
    Sk Salman

    Your really hero

  • Sk Salman
    Sk Salman


  • Sk Salman
    Sk Salman


  • Denise Jeronimo
    Denise Jeronimo

    Y love guys


    11:43 what are those noises

  • Driver Tsunami
    Driver Tsunami

    Nice! He's cute.

    • Driver Tsunami
      Driver Tsunami

      Wow, he's even cool.with dogs? Lucky.

  • Greisy Aguilar
    Greisy Aguilar

    🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😰😰😰😰😰😰soy sad

  • chirpy boi
    chirpy boi

    That was vary cash money of you

  • Jim Billy
    Jim Billy


  • Mike-Hussein Estime
    Mike-Hussein Estime

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔.But the cat is safe .

  • James D
    James D

    Holy hell. The size of that stick in a 4 inch pipe. How the hell is the cat supposed to climb out with that big stick blocking the way. Looks more like the woman was using the stick to stuff the cast down the pipe. How does the cat go in backwards down that narrow pipe.

  • Rim All Delii
    Rim All Delii

    Awwwwwww that's the cutest thing l have ever seen omg sooo cute


    I love kittens!

  • Noel Prieto
    Noel Prieto

    These people are animal savers

  • Kate 18
    Kate 18


  • Aracely Huney
    Aracely Huney

    Khuhh.iudehkeh kehzeehhh7 yh787😭🦽🐅🎄🌵🔵☑️🌃🏘💻📱

  • Jack Halley
    Jack Halley

    give these guys a massive fucking raise


    Bravist little guy ever

  • Ivy Kushari
    Ivy Kushari

    God bless all who were included in this kits resque. Hope the same for the others as well.

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  • jullianna navedo
    jullianna navedo


    • Dexton Mason
      Dexton Mason

      @jullianna navedo who asked xd

    • jullianna navedo
      jullianna navedo

      I'm so sad and happy so emotional😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • jullianna navedo
      jullianna navedo

      So emotional I'm so sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Venice Mercaral
    Venice Mercaral

    Oh my god I wish I got powers cuz I need rescue the little but I'm glad he/she's okay

  • Richard Robinson
    Richard Robinson

    He is so sweet! Poor thing! What a blessing that you showed up! He looks like a cat I had, his name was Stitch. Bless all of you that help save the poor thing! I’m glad people like you are in the world!

  • ManishYTPlayz

    I am soo worried about him u make me cry

  • Chrisanthi Pneumatikoudi
    Chrisanthi Pneumatikoudi


  • Jaslyn Moreira
    Jaslyn Moreira


  • Jonathan Duncan
    Jonathan Duncan

    The flawless sunday principally unite because capital tellingly disappear during a tearful norwegian. phobic, bumpy wholesaler

  • Olivia Wu Tran
    Olivia Wu Tran

    Check if the well got capped by now ??

  • Olivia Wu Tran
    Olivia Wu Tran

    who leaves a pipe open like that: 'humans' sometimes babies fall in too

  • Phillip Ferrell
    Phillip Ferrell

    I could hardly stand to hear that baby crying for help. That was nerve wracking. I'm so glad y'all got him outta that hole. Jessie's a precious little fuzz muffin.

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel

    Omg, I got so scared... This is the second time watching it! the 1st time I watched it alone, the 2nd time I watched it with my neighbor! I'm so happy she lived!!

  • Dina_Nour Bchiri
    Dina_Nour Bchiri


  • Ibraheem Jarral
    Ibraheem Jarral

    And my kittens started mowing together

  • Ibraheem Jarral
    Ibraheem Jarral

    The cats so cute❤❤❤❤

  • Nadine Baki
    Nadine Baki

    This pipe is taller than siren head?

  • Abitty Kitty N
    Abitty Kitty N

    Oh he is so darling, he will be well loved.I cried & cried Bless the lady & man thank you both! 😊

  • lacey hollins
    lacey hollins

    Today there's animals suffering

  • Txddy Tear
    Txddy Tear


  • 26xMɪᴀx ᴢ
    26xMɪᴀx ᴢ

    Omg I’m crying richt now -

  • Oldish Fartess
    Oldish Fartess

    What a feisty little muffin!!❤❤❤

  • No One
    No One

    That was a long ass stick...

  • Ellery Neufeld
    Ellery Neufeld

    I'm 8 years old and this is my first time seeing your channel i never would have guest that a clever kitten would get stuk in a pipe

  • Ioannis Ioannis
    Ioannis Ioannis


    • Ioannis Ioannis
      Ioannis Ioannis


  • Brian Johnsen
    Brian Johnsen

    Im heart broke 💔 of i find this person who did this i will kill them and make them suffer

  • Namita Das
    Namita Das

    Oh 😭😭😭

  • Jiang Zhu
    Jiang Zhu

    Mah name is Jessie and THAT CAT IS SOO CUTE AND TINYYY 🥰 But I’m not a boy but THAT CAT IS TOO CUTEEEEEEEE. 😊

  • Marilda Morais
    Marilda Morais

    Obrigada irmã irmão que universo te abençoe fantástico maravilhoso ó teu amor 💖 pelos os animalzinho 🙏👋😘🙏

  • Angela Collier
    Angela Collier

    jessies adventers. coming on youtube and theater

  • Rubina Siddiqui
    Rubina Siddiqui

    I had a ginger cat but it ran away😭😭😢we dont know how??

  • Miriam Ahmad
    Miriam Ahmad


  • Ni Kadek Sri Winda
    Ni Kadek Sri Winda

    While take shower he look his mom n trust so much OMG his already trust n believe she is his mother 🥺❤️❤️❤️

  • Ni Kadek Sri Winda
    Ni Kadek Sri Winda

    When she finally hug the baby i can't keep my tears 🥺😭 GBU guys.. finally u were safe little baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️ stay strong baby u lucky ..GBU 👼👼👼🙏🏻

  • Steven Bradley
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    🥰 AWWW

  • Cristina Maciel
    Cristina Maciel


  • Sneha Amin
    Sneha Amin

    thank u 😍

  • Liam Jarrett
    Liam Jarrett

    i lost a cat and i was so sad

  • Sunny BlackBurn
    Sunny BlackBurn

    amazing! i have funded 200 pound

  • Maryellen Lêfthand
    Maryellen Lêfthand


  • Audrey Clarke
    Audrey Clarke

    Difficult job but you saved this kitty, well done hope for paws😻❤️

  • Vera



    $ 24



  • Margarita LusenkovaM
    Margarita LusenkovaM

    Какие молодцы спасибо вам за спасение маленькой жизьни здоровья вам

  • Cat N
    Cat N

    I don’t understand why would ppl give this video a thumbs down unless you’re a heartless human being. This couple is amazing & may God bless them for the rest of their lives.🙏✝️😻

  • Laura Dachner
    Laura Dachner

    I hope we can have more people like this in the world, my dog has ran away a few times and people don't even care to help

  • Laura Dachner
    Laura Dachner

    omg what you did was amazing, You found a cat who likes bathes lol

  • Sibling cat
    Sibling cat

    The effort deserves more credit but Why that lady so panic? Sound like a women giving birth. Her voices so annoying.

  • Ioannis Ioannis
    Ioannis Ioannis

    Shoghug nononono 😈

  • 平尾倫三


  • Savita Katiyar
    Savita Katiyar

    what the frick!!! the cat was stuck in the pipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aklil Sisay
    Aklil Sisay

    i felt so bad i cryed so mach god bless that kitten

  • Sree Gouri
    Sree Gouri

    You are the best team ever

  • Cindy Zapf
    Cindy Zapf

    Love that video.

  • Astra Mccracken
    Astra Mccracken

    bravo good job

  • Roseanne Geer
    Roseanne Geer

    you guys are amazing

  • Kaye Howry
    Kaye Howry

    That look of trust the kitten has while in the bath

  • Skyler Greenaway
    Skyler Greenaway

    aww poor kitty