Lion kings and queens born in a storm drain - rescuer leaves screaming!
The circle of life (on the streets) ended when Hope For Paws arrived at the rescue location. Today we want to ask you all to join us with a small donation so we can save more lives:
Loreta Frankonyte, JoAnn Wiltz and Jodi Slater joined me on this rescue. I decided to mess with Loreta a little bit in the middle of the rescue - I hope you will enjoy it ;-)
Our friends from Cats At The Studios continue feeding the feral mom and the rest of the cats in the colony, and they continue trying to get the mom so we can spay her (it is challenging because food is abundant and she has no reason to walk into a trap - she had seen all the other colony members get caught). I promise to post an update here once we get her.
If you would like to adopt Zazu, Rafiki, King, Tiifu or Sarafina, please contact:
I just came back from the movies where I just saw the Lion King, and it was just amazing! It is a remake of the original movie and it was the most beautifully made animated movie I have ever seen in my life! So much work, effort, and love were put into it and it's definitely a MUST SEE!

  • Eka Zuliani
    Eka Zuliani

    Hope for cute...if I near with you...I will take once apart to take care the kittens...causes I love A 🐈..thank so sahe All the cute Kitty...I hope u will always keep going to save,,more,and more's was Abounded and Homeless from Human trafficking...too them..May God's will blessed your time...TQ so much...Love 🐈 Indonesia

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    Hi can I adopt one i really love cats.

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    that is not your cat is my cat hr mom can not get ther

  • Marisol Sanchez Hernandez
    Marisol Sanchez Hernandez

    that is my cat

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    Thank you but also a bit sad they have to grow up without their mother 😢

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    que fofo e final feliz foi muito fofo💗

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    You are so nice Thank you so much for saving those cats I feel so sad for them

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    My cat was meowing like she was communicating with them IT WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER EVER HEARD 🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      Mas o real de moto

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    love kity

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    So cute i almost cry'd

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    did ya'll get the mother cause i'm worried about her

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    That's great ideas

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    omg this warms my heart so much

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    Oh my goodness, they are all the cutest.

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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Kittens

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    they are so cute

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    Look his eyes is just like sad cuse his mom just run away

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    good gob

  • Toni Aguilar
    Toni Aguilar

    Ok. Glad for the rescuers....but no screaming or yelling. Those are alarming sounds for animals that are already very frightened. If you're brave enough to pick up hissing furballs which have sharp teeth, you're brave enough to stifle any (girlie) screams.

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    What breed is theses kittens

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    I have cat invalid They birth with deformed leg But they still happy and strong

  • Times for IRAIVI
    Times for IRAIVI

    Respect and salute to every animals volvantry ....I have 11 cats in my home....I blessed to have cats pets.....

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      razane nore Pictures of nature and animals

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    They would have not survived down there with no food or water

  • Ali Ghahreman
    Ali Ghahreman

    I don't get it. I would understand it if the kittens had been sick or malnourished, but the kittens were perfectly safe with their mom. Why did you think you had to take them away?

    • Ali Ghahreman
      Ali Ghahreman

      @Kiayin7 That makes sense. Thanks.

    • Kiayin7

      Storm drains are potential death traps, especially for kittens that young. They're also in the small window of time during which it's ideal to socialize them and they're almost ready to start let going of mum. They can be easily given their shots, spayed and receive the medical care they need. Feral cats tend to live much shorter, sad lives, so rescuers try to find a balance between what's ideal and what can be accomplished. As you can see, they did look for mum, but she seems to be very trap savvy. If you want to know more about the challenges of taking in feral mums with their babies, Kitten Lady also has a couple of videos in which she shows the process and many of the considerations that such situations require. :)

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    razane nore Pictures of nature and animals

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      razane nore Pictures of nature and animals

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