Rescue on the roof requires causing some damage, but it all works out!
Jiminy was lucky to get out alive because there was really no way out of the trouble he got himself into. Luckily, we had Jessie's rescue under our belt, so Loreta Frankonyte got to try this method for the first time on her own.
Rescues like this happen thanks to your support and donations, so if you can donate the cost of a cup of coffee, the animals would really appreciate it:
If you missed Hope For Paws' rescue of Jessie, please click here:
If you missed Axle's rescue, please click here:
and if you would like to adopt Jiminy, please contact:
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  • nightstarmusic7

    Again Loreta comes thru.

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    Stephanie Ramírez


  • Lynda Webster
    Lynda Webster

    You guys are amazing. A big thank you from across the pond in England. God bless you 👍👍👍👍👍💖💖💖💖💖

  • MiaCat

    My cat was an my lap as I watched this. she looked kind of worried when she heard the little kitten meow. thank you for saving all these little kitties!

  • Amber Collins
    Amber Collins

    I love love love when Aldad talks to the animals during rescue . They hear his Love trust and confidence .

  • daneshgostar arya
    daneshgostar arya

    With a few meters of linen cloth he cried up

  • Nyota Uhura
    Nyota Uhura

    Cat food down the air conditioning vent in summer? I feel sorry for those homeowners!

  • Julie Heilman. Fam
    Julie Heilman. Fam

    ...I know you mean well, but you come across bossy to your wife or helper. I know u have the camera. She’s not stupid give her a chance or just have her have the camera. Thank you for what u do.

  • Tony Sanchez
    Tony Sanchez

    This woman is so amazing and filled with goodness. Watching her going and climbing that ladder proves that she has a perfect 10 body. Beautiful and Gorgeous

  • Francisco Jr.
    Francisco Jr.

    Loretta... 😍

  • Payom Panichagorn
    Payom Panichagorn


  • Terrell Royal
    Terrell Royal

    The adventures of LORETTA!!😜😘👍🏽🇺🇸💯 saves another one!!✌🏿

  • Nancy Iverson
    Nancy Iverson

    So sweet! Both so brave!

  • Marley Walker
    Marley Walker

    3:15: om nom nom

  • Maria Johnston
    Maria Johnston

    Angels from heaven xxx

  • Reina de Grillos
    Reina de Grillos

    He is a control freak always telling her how to do everuthing each minute. She is a more confident person. I congratulate her. He needs to analyse his behavior and controlling attitude.

  • noname


  • L N
    L N

    Good to see Loretta hold her own 💕

  • Raaman Nair
    Raaman Nair

    Placing a rough surfaced plank/piece of wood into the chimney would have done the trick.

  • Robert Ordewald
    Robert Ordewald

    Jiminy cricket that little fellow was a talker.

  • Elisabeth Miranda
    Elisabeth Miranda

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  • missfloflowers

    Stop hissing at kitten. It’s scaring him more. Meow , or talk sweetly. He’s hissing, because you are. Crazy, that you hiss at him, and you don’t expect him to hiss back. If you were surprised and didn’t like him hissing, you obviously know that hissing is aggressive communication . It adds more stress to the cat rescue. You would not approach a dog rescue with growling.

  • classified 87
    classified 87

    loreta merry me ! hahaha shes awsome, shes always doing all the work!

  • Janete Oliveira
    Janete Oliveira

    I love cats

  • annie bremer
    annie bremer

    My cats were super concerned about Jiminy! They kept going to the window and door to try and save him! So glad he’s healthy and doing well!

  • Bee Kiddo
    Bee Kiddo

    Checked with Amazon again, Loretas are still out of stock......

  • SJ

    literally cat IN a hot tin roof. jesus. you guys are amazing.

  • VSM unofficial
    VSM unofficial

    The intro is earrape if u turn it up all the way lol

  • Connie Peacock
    Connie Peacock

    I do not know why people will not close off all these pipes and things. So many animals probably die,not all are found and saved. I hate this happening to these little kittens and other animals.

  • Learley Wells
    Learley Wells

    Awwww, poor fur baby. He is crying help me, help me! :'(

  • Оксана Кубасова
    Оксана Кубасова


  • mary williams
    mary williams

    Jiminy... *HMMMMM THAT NAME REMINDS ME OF SOMEONE* 👁️👄👁️ anyway, such a good rescue and adorable kitten. 💜 I appreciate what you guys do.

  • Takuma95

    His meow is very cute

  • Meredith Benjamin
    Meredith Benjamin

    When I get a kitten, I will name it Eldad.

  • Multi-Stan Bear
    Multi-Stan Bear

    I wish there was a hope for paws here in Northern Ireland

  • D.S

    It looks like the cat has a mush stash on the botum of his chin

  • Yamna Bensouda
    Yamna Bensouda

    thank you

  • DJ Tommy C. Colosi
    DJ Tommy C. Colosi

    Jiminy Cricket I assume.

  • Bob Karr
    Bob Karr

    Thankyou for rescue little jiminy his is very adorable little baby Angel and loreta is the most adorable Angel to rescue this little kitty your love for animals birds and wild life is so amazing and pure you are the best beautiful loreta

  • nithanandam venkatraman
    nithanandam venkatraman

    Good I appreciate u r team God bless them

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith

    ALL of you do great work all the time P.S. and Miss Loreta is one hot baby doll!! so so beautiful looking!!!

  • Elizabeth Ann Preston
    Elizabeth Ann Preston

    I love what you guys do, I think it’s absolutely incredible… But the one thing that I’ve noticed time and time again is that you should probably leave your air on in the car. It’s way too hot for that… I would never turn my car off even if I ran inside to the store for a whole grocery list if I had my child, let alone another child (animal lol) Don’t get me wrong what you guys do is absolutely incredible. I love the way you do it, and the love that you have for all the animals… But it be really nice to see you start leaving your cars on and AC running on hot days so that they don’t have to go from one hell inside of another. You probably won’t see this, but I hope enough people say something, so you will see SOMETHING About leaving your car, and AC on in the summer.

    • Elizabeth Ann Preston
      Elizabeth Ann Preston

      I’m sorry if I came off sounding rude. I used to do what you guys are doing all on my own. I never made videos or anything, or publicly told the world what I was doing. It was just for the benefit of the animals… unfortunately my boyfriend doesn’t allow that kind of happiness. I’m no longer able to rescue animals until I get myself out of this terrible situation. But one day when I’m not being called every gross name in the book and being screamed at all day every day, I’ll open up my own nonprofit once again to be helping every animal soul that I could possibly save. So thank you so much for what you’re doing… It means so much to me. I wish more people would understand and help until I can once again. Unfortunately I don’t have friends or family to turn to. So I’m stuck in my own personal hell, that these rescue animals have to go through

  • betty cogswell
    betty cogswell

    What I want to know is, how does a kitten get on this roof?. You guys are amazing. I'm proud to support you...

  • Bob Karr
    Bob Karr

    Loreta have the most purest heart your love for animals birds and wild life is so very amazing we love loreta and your be love eldad

  • Thisisanya

    Very vocal little guy 😁


    i guess curiosity really can kill the cat luckily you guy where there to save the day

  • Chas Deller
    Chas Deller

    U two are truly amazing people

  • Just Believe
    Just Believe

    He meows a lot

  • Mia Malone
    Mia Malone

    These guys are awesome. They’re equipped with everything 👏 the camera is great

  • TooT TooTan
    TooT TooTan

    youre so cute jiminy. good job loreta and eldad.

  • Hajir Arij
    Hajir Arij

    il est jolie

  • Mufasa

  • Katherine Franklin
    Katherine Franklin

    i love the way he says she can go down first but then he is so loving that his girlfriend doesn’t get hurt

  • Dani Art Boi
    Dani Art Boi

    9:08 can we talk about those big, loving eyes

  • andrew may
    andrew may

    Thank you

  • MobileMusic

    *It’s amazing how kittens cry and sound just like little BABIES!* People build million dollar homes but don’t cover their chimneys with nets or something similar that cost another 5 bucks. Chimney would be a nice name for him!

  • María Núñez
    María Núñez

    Loreta is amazing, she really loves her job and all animals

  • Carol Daniels
    Carol Daniels

    You are wonderful people so happy watching you rescue any animal in any situation 💕💕💕💕

  • Jiemecel Laure
    Jiemecel Laure

    guys you so very god

  • Makayla Hartson
    Makayla Hartson

    The name is the cutest it reminds me of bts jimin lol

  • Atomic Toothless
    Atomic Toothless

    Jiminy Crickets, how many times have you guys needed to destroy a property to save a kitty? (Yes I made that joke, I'm a horrible human being.)

  • Alexandra Morales Martinez
    Alexandra Morales Martinez


  • i want u back
    i want u back

    Jiminy is such i cute name i LOVE IT HES JUST SO ADORABLE I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM 💜💜

  • kenan sari
    kenan sari

    i can not focus on the video bcos of the Loretta

  • Dede Bee
    Dede Bee

    Stupid humans! Leaving something open like this!

  • Dede Bee
    Dede Bee

    These videos are so bitter sweet but I love happy endings and I hope most of them are happy endings! And you guys do such a very special special job I can't even say how much I appreciate what you guys do

  • aesthetic Chicc
    aesthetic Chicc

    0:56 i remember jessie 🥺❤️

  • Catherine Reed
    Catherine Reed

    I have no idea how I didn't see this when it first came out. I have been avidly watching Hope For Paws for a few years now, I can't believe I missed this. You people are amazing, and I hope you know you are appreciated. Some people dump or shoot unwanted animals, you save them. Maybe watching my dad shoot animals who didn't behave the way he wanted tipped me towards preferring them being saved...

  • zoya

    you all should come to pakistan every street has at least 1 stray animal mostly cats

  • Reincarnated evil
    Reincarnated evil

    Great job.... Dedicated life for the rescue of abandoned pet animals ans helpless animal... And where can I get the bio of loreta I really wanna know her... Just because I do have a huge respect for her

  • Ross Regalado
    Ross Regalado

    Me encanta su canal.... siempre con finales felices.. gracias totales!!

  • Robert Basan
    Robert Basan

    Does not matter the long drive as long as the kitten cats dog and even all the other animals are safe it does not matter the drive

  • Frank Bowen
    Frank Bowen

    So nice

  • Frank Bowen
    Frank Bowen

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  • Frank Bowen
    Frank Bowen

    It's like the one I just watched the one they showed

  • Ralf Dietrich
    Ralf Dietrich

    First of all, well done. What I'm wondering, though. Isn't this more of a job for the fire department to help out around here? In Germany, the fire brigade always does something like that and there are no costs involved. Is it different with you?

  • ann prince
    ann prince

    Loretta is brave climbing a sloped roof , would be absolutely terrified him would but would want an harness.

  • Doug Dolde
    Doug Dolde

    I think you're just doing this to film Loretta's ass

  • albert zeng
    albert zeng


  • Ace Gg
    Ace Gg

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    Eva Asprey Hall

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    Saga Jönsson 6

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    Sally Harmon

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    Snake Squad

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  • Moonwatcher The Nightwing
    Moonwatcher The Nightwing

    at least it was not 5 DAYS one kitten fell down a 43 ft a water well straight down

  • Halis Çelik
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    kenneth conner

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  • Lara Hajj
    Lara Hajj

    Thank you for saving animals

  • Linda Marie
    Linda Marie

    Bless you all for what you do for animals. I spent years rescuing cats, most were feral. A piece of advise, the airy sound you make may get their attention, but it sounds to close to a hiss. I learned to make a gutteral purr sound when dealing with kittens and a high pitched mew when dealing with adults. It works beautifully. Again thank you for what you all do !!!

  • Stacy Montes
    Stacy Montes

    I absolutely love this team. Loretta is amazing.

  • Kaela D.
    Kaela D.

    Aww I loved Jessie’s rescue

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    Christina Gubler

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    Luis Fernando Costa

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    Chance Survivor


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    Elsa Balloguing

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