Kitten ALMOST gets away from us!!! Luckily - he fails! ❤️
If you missed the important video of Axle (the orange kitten in the engine), here is the link for you:
We had a busy weekend this Fourth of July, and we are always happy to help with anything we can! We really couldn't have done it without your support and if you haven't joined us with a donation yet, please help us reach our goal so we can save many more lives:
In two days I will post one of the CrAzIeSt rescues EVER! Loreta ended up with a panic attack in the middle of a rescue - please leave a note to yourself to watch it on Wednesday morning.
To adopt Axle, please contact our friends at Room 8 Memorial Foundation:
Thank you so much for your support! When you watch, like, and most importantly - share our videos, it helps us so much!!!!
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  • Nat Le
    Nat Le

    I love black cats, they remind me of little panthers.

    • Elaine Culbert
      Elaine Culbert

      Mr.Shankly - When I lived in England as a child, black cats were regarded as good luck! 🇨🇦

    • Elaine Culbert
      Elaine Culbert

      Nat Le - I adore all cats but have a really soft spot for black ones!

    • Izzy _cats
      Izzy _cats

      FireCracker3240 same

    • Izzy _cats
      Izzy _cats

      Nat Le I have a black cat and he’s so cute (:3)

    • MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs)
      MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs)

      Love velvety, black kitties, so beautiful. I like especially tuxedo cats.

  • Fade2019

    This is the only channel I would be fine with if the padded for 10 minutes so they can afford more equipment for these rescues

  • kocur mocur
    kocur mocur

    We had a cat inside the engine too but he got out and ran away being chased by a dog

  • Irene Ewens
    Irene Ewens

    Did you see the moment when he realized he truly was a god and the humans were worshiping him lol.

  • Sadaf Iftikhar
    Sadaf Iftikhar

    Do u guys travel to other countries just to rescue cats and dogs as well?? If yes, please let me know. I have lots of kittens, so I feel really bad when I see kittens on roads finding food and water, drinking water from gutters, or even eating birds and garbage. In my country there is lack of hunger and thirst for kittens

  • The_Kit_lover 56
    The_Kit_lover 56

    I had a black cat that looked almost like the same but mine had 1 eye. She was adorable

  • Afton Kirklin
    Afton Kirklin

    I love saturn I even considered adopting him... except my mom would never let me, and my cat does not like other cats. OH WHY IS THE WORLD SO AGAINST ME!!!!!

  • Mary Ellen Brennan
    Mary Ellen Brennan

    I had a black cat sitting on my lap for this entire video. Her name is Libby and she's still on my lap. Libby and her 6 siblings were born in our garage on March 5, 2019. We had no idea the Mom cat chose our garage, but we're glad she did! Out of the 7 kittens, we kept 2--- Baxter is a Tuxedo cat and Libby is our little House Panther. The other 5 kittens and their Mom cat went to a kitten rescue 75 miles from our home. I drove them there and it was the most difficult thing I have ever done!


    His eyes soooooooo nice😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Jose Nicolas III Omboy
    Jose Nicolas III Omboy

    I love kitten's and cat's

  • Rocky117

    Man the whole time she wasn't putting the kitten in the crate I was getting so mad. It's like... The kitten can survive being in a carrier without a perfectly neat and folded blanket inside. Just get it to safety first and adjust it later when they are inside.

  • Laryssa Bentley
    Laryssa Bentley

    Do you have a rescue branch or sister group in San Diego? I would love to follow as well ❤️🐾

  • Dinda SEASTRON
    Dinda SEASTRON

    Should have called him sachet! X

  • HannahCrews

    He looks JUST like my childhood cat someone dumped by my house in the country. Black fur, green eyes, super chill. I miss him so much😔. He was a good boy♥️

  • Peter Peterpeterson
    Peter Peterpeterson

    Are Loretta and Eldad banging? If so, why is a gay guy banging a hot chick?

  • Melchor Manalang
    Melchor Manalang

    Sooo beautiful catl. Im from the Philippines don't how to donate

  • Misha Lum
    Misha Lum

    Not getting scratched, priceless. Love that 😄

  • ابو احمد
    ابو احمد

    نحن لانرغب التصوير ليلأ

  • Voffka Raccoon
    Voffka Raccoon

    мне такого же подкинули год назад..черный и вечно голодный ))

  • Sophie

    OMG he's the cutest little thing I wanna adopt him so badly... send him to France haha ^^

  • Gabriela Galescu
    Gabriela Galescu

    I love dogs because they are so kind and easy to make friends with. At the same time I love and cats because they are so fierce and they make you work for their affection.

  • December

    Awww! Look at the cutie! Thank you for rescuing this small boy, you guys are heroes. PS: you also have great music tastes, I wouldn't mind knowing about the song used in this one! Very fitting~

  • Xx_Yana The Wolfie_xX
    Xx_Yana The Wolfie_xX

    :< DOESNT HE NEED A BATH ??????????

  • Ab Mat
    Ab Mat

    What was wrong with him?

  • Tyler Stevens
    Tyler Stevens

    Damn Loretta’s got a fat ass. And she seems like a great and caring woman. Good score dude. Wish y’all the the best of luck

  • Wa de
    Wa de

    Beautiful eyes~

  • Warrior King
    Warrior King

    Its fun to watch loretta playing with the pussy! ♥️

  • Charlotte Holl
    Charlotte Holl

    I would call the cat moon

  • CarterPlays

    What a beautiful little kitten!

  • Cosmic sudrrs
    Cosmic sudrrs

    My grandparents live in a neighborhood where there’s a bunch of cats. And the cats keep on breeding and breeding. We have two of the cats from their neighborhood. I wish we could’ve helped them all.

  • Natalie Riggs
    Natalie Riggs

    I’ve never seen such good people👍🏻🐱🐶

  • Jackie Playz
    Jackie Playz

    Wish I could have him lol

  • Italiano Siciliano Mistro
    Italiano Siciliano Mistro


  • Sultan Daffa
    Sultan Daffa


  • Sultan Daffa
    Sultan Daffa

    Ooooooooohhhhhhhh aku suka banget sama kucing anaknya lucu banget aku yang punya anaknya 5

  • Fabi A.
    Fabi A.

    Beautiful kitty ❤

  • Monty The Cockatiel
    Monty The Cockatiel

    I actually rescued a black kitten like this it was under a car it was at my younger siblings preschool I could grab it and I gave it to my mom. the preschool teacher took it and it now is her cat

  • Andrea Brown
    Andrea Brown

    Hold up how did he get into the car engine

  • Firstname LastName
    Firstname LastName


  • Ritesh Singh
    Ritesh Singh

    Very bad

  • Christiann Merin
    Christiann Merin

    he looks exactly like my siamese persian baby girl!!!

  • Jula Butkiewicz
    Jula Butkiewicz

    You named him as my favorite planet! Saturn!

  • Karis Holmes
    Karis Holmes

    I wish I could adopt him but my mom won’t let me it’s sad that she won’t let me get another pet 😭

  • Catify Co
    Catify Co

    This is so cute!

  • M M
    M M

    Love that cat's personality. Also - looks like he's going to grow up to be a longhair. So beautiful.

  • Maribeth Spence
    Maribeth Spence

    Awww beautiful little panther

  • p trump
    p trump

    I want Loretta's shirt. How can I buy?

  • Doris Daumann
    Doris Daumann

    Such a cute little guy !! 😻

  • arwa plays
    arwa plays

    awwwwwwwwwww I love the black kitten it’s so cute ima get a new house in some weeks AND I WILL GET A KITTEN LIKE THAT AWWW MY FAV ANIMAL IS KITTTTENSSSS

  • Amanda Jéssica de Souza Vieira AJ
    Amanda Jéssica de Souza Vieira AJ

    I dont know why, but one of the why for my love for black cats is that their white nails are a lot more highlighted because of their black fur. This makes them more cute in my opinion. Or maybe im just a weirdo, i dunno.

  • Jackhandsley 10
    Jackhandsley 10

    I despise all cats disgusting animals

  • Jackhandsley 10
    Jackhandsley 10

    I’d have turned the engine on

  • bluey pinky&yelloy
    bluey pinky&yelloy

    I never been happy too hear but the cat failed soo happy

  • John Oyer
    John Oyer

    Just looking for some love! Thanx kids! Does anyone know what the squeeze tube is, and the name?

  • Zaira Lazarashvili
    Zaira Lazarashvili

    soooooo cute thank you guys for this

  • 噫泡芙

    he is so cute!!

  • Marilyn Marilyn
    Marilyn Marilyn

    May god bless you all. He loves us and forgive us 🙏❤repent from your sins in order to meet our saviour❤prayers to all goodnight love you all ❤🙏thank god everynight and morning as he is our happyness❤🙏goodnight everyone God bless you all.🙏❤

  • maansteenz

    So sweet!

  • cat never
    cat never

    😥😣😪😫😓😁😀 I love cats so much thank you❤

  • Boudicca

    Found my black cat in the engine of a BMW when he was 4 weeks old. He was dirty, scared and very malnourished. Now he’s a healthy one year old boy.

  • SierraD26

    I Love Saturn

  • SierraD26

    I Love Cats And Kittens

  • Urmel Ausdemeis
    Urmel Ausdemeis

    such a sweet little boy 😻! Thank you for saving little Saturn 😘! I hope he finds a loving home!!!

  • Luigi Cotocea
    Luigi Cotocea

    Stop watching rn, and donate!

  • d4rksh0ck

    they say black cats bring bad luck but most black cats can be the sweetest little kitten at home im a cat breeder and owner of 3 adorable mamas they all had kittens and it brings me joy when i see baby kittens i have a soft spot for animals doesnt matter the spescies i love all animals

  • Nivia Guadalupe Ordaz
    Nivia Guadalupe Ordaz

    Rosie C Bell is a wonderful person I don’t know her personally but I have her as a friend and she had helped so many homeless animals and tried to rescue them !! Just a wonderful person! Thank you Hope4Paws.

  • Stacey Channel
    Stacey Channel

    I love Saturn he’s adorable 😍 🐱 he reminds me of my black cat zozo

  • ꧁Strawb Dawg Nai꧂
    ꧁Strawb Dawg Nai꧂

    You realize he cat had a body right? WELL THEN PICK HIM UP BY THE BODY. YOU GROUTSQUE FUCKS

  • bnenomore

    Omg, he's beautiful ♡♡

  • he sun
    he sun

    This cute cat.Thank you for saving

  • XxLostBoyxXZ

    I live in a neighborhood with a house FULL of cats they keep multiplying unfortunately they end up getting hurt or killing themselves with upcoming traffic so me and neighbors are taking them in fixing them up and giving them loving homes!

  • Rosanna Galicio
    Rosanna Galicio

    Loreta: Oh I like you! Kitty: I like you too .. Loreta

  • Gui Porto
    Gui Porto

    Saturn, Roman God of Time. Beautiful name for a beautiful kitten.

  • Its Arxni
    Its Arxni

    I wish u could find my 2 kittens got lost :c

  • MIckey F'in Mouse
    MIckey F'in Mouse

    I have a rescued black 🐈 right now that I'm fostering. Smartie-- found at Smart and Final pregnant. Now fixed. And Smart!!!

  • victoria noble
    victoria noble

    Love how eldad and loretta quite often "disobey each other" 😂😂

  • Sally Feschuk
    Sally Feschuk

    I'm pretty sure he's in love with Loreta.

  • Bluepach

    I would have called him Toothless beautiful eyes and black fur.

  • Alison Louise
    Alison Louise

    He reminds me of my black cats, I rescued as wild kittens... but they were so chilled Tiger and blackie they were wonderful cats and we had 18 amazing years together until they passed away with two weeks of each other. Tiger first then blackie died of a broken heart without his brother, I will forever miss them ❤️

  • Ada sultana
    Ada sultana

    #Blacklivesmatter and #blackcatsmatter😢

  • Alexandra Little
    Alexandra Little

    God ide love to adopt him, I’ll do everything I can’t to convince my parents to let me adopt you little Saturn!!

  • crazy cat
    crazy cat

    Poor kitty

  • Angela Santos
    Angela Santos


  • Border Font
    Border Font

    Anyone else 100% ready to snuggle by the end of the video?

  • Sơn Điền
    Sơn Điền

    I'm from vietnam, i love animals and I love all of you

  • On Location Kats 2 Reviews and Fan Films (weirdkitty07)
    On Location Kats 2 Reviews and Fan Films (weirdkitty07)

    I have two black cats saved from the shelter, as kittens, and that was 12 years ago, and we found a kitten in the park 6 years ago, and he's now a giant friendly tomcat tabby. They're fixed of course.

  • SailorMochi

    he is so beautiful

  • Mr. Wednesday
    Mr. Wednesday

    I am sad, I drive 18 wheelers and my company only allows dogs under 40lbs, no kitties.

  • Fathimah Ulandari Aziz
    Fathimah Ulandari Aziz

    His eyes... And i'm crying

  • SELMA Siqueira
    SELMA Siqueira


  • Animal Addict
    Animal Addict

    I had a little black kitten. Her name was Mars. She was my everything and one day she ran away and I never saw her again. This little baby made me tear up. He’s black and he has a planet name jus like my baby❤️

    • Prisha Verma
      Prisha Verma

      That's so sad

  • Celina Vlog
    Celina Vlog

    I like this video and U Can you subscribe and access my channel? There are lots of super interesting videos for you 😘😘😘

  • daisy bee
    daisy bee

    It is your best day ever Saturn. One of Shelly Roches's (TinyKittens) sayings.

  • hannah rees
    hannah rees

    i watch your videos all day long and its inspired me to do this when i am older and to become a vet because it really hurts me when i see an animal who deserves and is meant to be loved and then ends up living on the street its heart breaking

  • Mila Peeters
    Mila Peeters

    I have 11 kitty’s!

  • JStsr R
    JStsr R


  • Geni Medina
    Geni Medina

    Your awesome, there are a lot of feral cats where I live, I can’t catch them, but I put a lot of water and food out for them, in Nevada they will not come for an animal that isn’t contained. When I try to catch strays they run in the danger zone so it’s hard. Ty you guys

  • Tâm Lê
    Tâm Lê


  • Aline Marteville
    Aline Marteville

    Toute cette agitation l'a forcément terrorisé... De surcroît, j'ai cru apercevoir DEUX (2) chats sous la voiture... Ai-je rêvé ????

  • AidanPlayz

    This is one of the greatest channels on the whole of youtube! Your dedication to saving all these animals brings a smile to my face when i watch everyone of your videos! Keep up the great work!!