Senior dog with cancer waited three weeks for help to arrive.
Luckily, people finally found #HopeForPaws and called us for help:
Thank you JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick for saving Bluebell and for getting her to the hospital, and thank you to our supporters for helping us pay for her medical care. She will be continuously monitored for the rest of her life.
Thank you Lionel's Legacy for fostering her - I really hope everybody will share this video so we can find Bluebell a loving forever home. If you would like to adopt her, please contact:
We are so busy rescuing and we have dozens of rescue videos that are waiting to be edited. I promise we will do our best to get those ready for you ASAP.
I really appreciate your support!
#DogRescue #SeniorDogsRule

  • Change InTheAir
    Change InTheAir

    This is why I support Hope for Paws. $5 a month is not usually a deal breaker financially. If so, that is okay. I too could not afford it for a handful of years then things changed and I have been able to support for about 3 years. So, don't feel bad if you cannot. Someday, you may, like me, be able to do it.

    • Isabel Paul
      Isabel Paul

      I want to so bad but I just cant

    • Naomi Takimoto
      Naomi Takimoto

      Same here! I’m not rich. I’m still struggling, but I have been able to keep my monthly donation for HFP last three years (almost) and that’s my honor and motivation to go forward because at this point this is how much I can contribute to help these innocent animals. When my health gets better, I would be so excited to do physical volunteer work whatever I can be useful for HFP. Everybody has own struggles, and everybody has own timing and capability. Whatever the type of contributions at whenever the situation allows. Sharing their posts to spread the awareness is important, too! Thank you Eldad and HFP! We will keep supporting your cause no matter what !

    • Breelyn Racz
      Breelyn Racz

      I love you guys I’m getting a boarder colli and I was wondering if you saved one

    • Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel
      Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel

      Thank you so much! We really appreciate as we're doing our best to save more lives ❤️

  • Son Of The Sun
    Son Of The Sun


  • Deena K
    Deena K


  • Xander Caranto
    Xander Caranto

    God bless.

  • Porter Roth
    Porter Roth

    God bless you guys for saving this dog ❤️❤️

  • Anthony Ho
    Anthony Ho

    I think the hardest thing to watch about this video was how much she seemed to trust the man that took care of her before calling for help.

  • Imaginator

    See, everytime I watch these videos I want to get a pit bull. My parents are strongly against them, and I just grew up thinking they are scary dogs. I’m seriously thinking of adopting a female pitbull or a blind pitbull from a shelter.

  • Gassan Behno
    Gassan Behno

    Always like 👍 👍 😇 😇 🐕 🐕 👍 👍

  • whitexchina

    She really loves the guy, who helped her.

  • Sally Harmon
    Sally Harmon

    I guess I missed was the rear left leg heled?

  • 0351nick

    I'm gonna call and report myself lost on the street so I can get bathed by Joanne and Loretta !!?? Wonderful job ladies !!

  • MrsTitti58

    È un cane che ha avuto sicuramente un padrone che l'ha abbandonata quando è stata vecchia e può essere qualcosa di più crudele? 😭 Fortunatamente ha trovato questo ragazzo che l'ha aiutata e non è rimasto indifferente 🙏💖🍀🌈

  • Kristi S
    Kristi S

    I just love this Angel! Whomever ends up with her is going to be a lucky family! I donate money to you guys and I live on Arizona. Will you ever consider letting out of town people adopt your dogs?

  • maria teresa
    maria teresa

    Vocês são os anjos dos animais parabéns

  • Shinju Inoue
    Shinju Inoue

    Bluebell was doubly lucky to have found a place for refuge at the kind guy’s house and have him call Hope for Paws, the best thing that could happen to her👍🥺💝 From the first time I saw this channel and was so glad the rescues often found forever homes and happiness, I decided to donate regularly. Knowing they will continue in these terrible times to carry on rescuing animals of all kinds makes me smile and happy every time🥰❣️ Thank you Eldad, I really appreciate what you do 👏💖

  • Patricia Bajcer
    Patricia Bajcer

    The ‘man’ that she was attached to at the beginning was a 14 year old young man who probably had to answer to his family especially in times like 5hese.

  • suhasini mishra
    suhasini mishra

    love u hope for paws

  • Shirley Schork
    Shirley Schork

    Can't even understand what you are saying with those damn masks on! You're in the outdoors, fresh air and way more than six feet apart.....why are you wearing the masks? You are allowed to remove them you know!! What law was past that said it was mandatory out in the fresh air?

  • Shirley Schork
    Shirley Schork

    You do realize the covid-19 can get in through the mucus membrane of the eyes.....and if someone at the store handles a soup can or a box of cereal that has the covid-19 and puts it back and you touch it or take it spread it. Masks are foolish! They make us look like idiots. Europeans wore the masks and now are in a horrible second wave of this virus! Doesn't help at all!

  • jouni k
    jouni k

    jail breeders

  • jhgrees

    Why do people put on silly childish voices to talk to animals?

  • Royal MC
    Royal MC

    Hi there. I see I can donate from where I am in New Zealand which is fantastic. I note when I am about to donate, a message comes up saying the donation goes to Network for Good which manage donations and that the money may be distributed across other charities. How can i ensure my donation in full reaches Hope for Paws? Thank you and keep up the magnificent work.

  • Sharon Groom
    Sharon Groom

    She is so beautiful! She reminds me of my Sissy whom I lost a few years ago. She will now have a home with lots of love! 💜

  • AJ Llewellyn
    AJ Llewellyn

    I donate $25 a month via Paypal. I do it for the animals I can't personally help. I have four rescues here and I do it for them because they are the sweetest beings in the world!

  • Berkay Sönmez
    Berkay Sönmez

    America da bi videoda seyretmistim uysalda olsa damardan ilaçla hemen uyutuyorlar zalimler siz napiyosunuz bu pitbullari


    Bluebell, bonito nombre . Sois estupendos😘😘😘

  • Rosemary Monty
    Rosemary Monty

    Bluebell is a lovely name for her she is a friendly gentle soul.

  • Wendy Nicklin
    Wendy Nicklin

    Second chances are fabulous 😉

  • Evian622

    If you buy from Amazon, you can go to and set up Hope for Paws to receive a charitable donation from most of your purchases.

  • Channel Dad Bryon Lape
    Channel Dad Bryon Lape

    The saddest part of these rescues are the useless masks.

  • susanna bettella
    susanna bettella

    Bravi ragazzi,ottimo lavoro!👍👏🏿

  • lacountess

    When they said she had two types of cancer I worried they would have to put her down. So happy Hope For Paws didn’t give up on her. You guys are true heroes.

  • lacountess

    When they said she had two types of cancer I worried they would have to put her down. So happy Hope For Paws didn’t give up on her. You guys are true heroes.

  • StardustGamer

    woman: sit girl!.... sit! ..... sit! dog: trying to act as cute as possible me: is melting from cuteness

  • Gia A
    Gia A

    Viewer advisory: Kleenex strongly advised.

  • LesYeuxSansVisage

    Dogs who are not spayed are almost guaranteed to develop cancer. PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER.

  • Zaid Al-Ahmar
    Zaid Al-Ahmar

    Hope for Paws, you deserve every cent of my $10 monthly donation. Keep up the great work!

  • Take Care Of The Pet
    Take Care Of The Pet

    or helping me subscribe to the channel is helping my pet dogs to live happier lives

  • Teoh Winson
    Teoh Winson

    Nice pun

  • Vikas Singh
    Vikas Singh

    My bruno doesnt sit whenever i ask him to do so.

  • Peta Stafford
    Peta Stafford

    What a beautiful girl!!! Honestly would adopt her in a heartbeat if I could....

  • sinneadfert

    So hoping my pennies help rescue more like this

  • Xx Willow xX
    Xx Willow xX

    Hurt animals:ready to die😭😭 Hope for paws:NOT YET!🥺❤️🥺❤️🥺❤️ God bless you! You guys are the best animals got more trust because of you thank you

  • bnenomore

    Omg she's sooooo cute ♡♡♡

  • Alyssa da Silva
    Alyssa da Silva

    I wonder why that guy couldn't take her

  • dreamer beautiful
    dreamer beautiful

    The ex-owner of Bluebell should be punished severely as I guess the guy abandoned her not to pay for expensive medical care for her recovery. The guy should've taken her to non-kill shelters to save her life. The guy is disgusting! I sincerely hope such a decent lady as Bluebell will recover after the surgery. Also, I'm sure HFP will investigate carefully to find the proper owner for her happy life.

  • Mary España
    Mary España

    Definitivamente es hermosa la labor que uds hacen tienen un corazón hermoso los felicito

  • Karen Pokorny
    Karen Pokorny

    Cancer is horrible. My cat went through chemo and was so needy during treatment. No animal deserves any less than the best.

  • Aparecido Oliveira
    Aparecido Oliveira

    Graças a Deus mais um animal salvo

  • Thomas møller
    Thomas møller

    from denmark

  • Thomas møller
    Thomas møller

    you guys are so orsom

  • Boycott Palm Oil
    Boycott Palm Oil

    Is there an update on this special girl? Has she found her forever home?

  • yun_fortnit_gaming

    1 like= thounsands of more dogs saved and hope for paws has a really good hands with em

  • Sheri Patterson
    Sheri Patterson

    Time 2 enjoy life bluebell❤

  • 鉄平


  • Bill Meyer
    Bill Meyer


  • Thiet Nguyễn van
    Thiet Nguyễn van

    Thanhyou cảm ơn các bạn

  • Nihaya Salih
    Nihaya Salih

    Ow...That look of gratitude for the guy...

  • xSam Waynex
    xSam Waynex

    Eldad, have you ever thought about trying to franchise with Hope For Paws? Not necessarily for the money but to be able to help a lot more animals of course. I think it would be great if you guys could start a mobile dog rescue and emergency vet clinic in several major cities in the US one day. I know that would be a massive undertaking, but the work you do is so important that I think it would be worth it to at least give it a shot. If this is something you have already thought of then just disregard haha. Thank you for all that you and your team do. You are all amazing human beings.

  • Chris Kallis
    Chris Kallis

    Humans......a dog can sniff out a good one,anytime! Bless you for helping her❣️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧

  • leslie anthony
    leslie anthony

    I can't believe how almost every pittie is so docile and and well behaved and goes right along happy to get help. Rarely troublesome , no matter what horrible treatment.they have suffered. Good luck and thanks to.all the angels.

  • eyemall ears
    eyemall ears

    These ladies are AMAZING. And hot.

  • Miguel Perez
    Miguel Perez

    How can u adopt her?

  • Bella's Pack
    Bella's Pack

    Omg is it wrong to want them all 🐶🐶

  • i want you
    i want you

    Great job

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith

  • Christie Perrone
    Christie Perrone

    We saved a cat from the woods and it was about 2 weeks old

  • Coach Tab
    Coach Tab

    Bluebell's been adopted, yayyy!! Just checked the site where she was fostered, and she's listed as adopted!👏👏👏

  • Dean Ossiander
    Dean Ossiander

    good guy to take care of her for three weeks

  • Taylor Bowers
    Taylor Bowers

    Poor baby she’s so sweet what does she do all day? Get kicked around?

  • Bach Tran
    Bach Tran

    God bless you God bless you Thank you Thank you Thank you so much❤️🙏

  • cookies4present

    Another example why we need to adopt & not buy. Former owner threw her away when they no longer 'got money'

  • Maria Weston
    Maria Weston

    So mean to dump a dog. Give to rescue or animal control or even euthanize. Dogs suffer, too.

  • Eddie Wood
    Eddie Wood

    Thank you so much very very much for all you do angels you all are xxx

  • Elaine Chan
    Elaine Chan

    Blame the shit government that allows this abuse.

  • Ashley Stroud
    Ashley Stroud

    Is a full bread pit pull because mite know someone how would tack her if u don’t find a home for her.

  • beckyness 1
    beckyness 1

    You guys are amazing. I take my hat off to you and the work that you do. I'm from the UK and watch your videos no matter how old. We adopted our staffy from our local rescue place. His name is Louie. He was just a pup when we adopted him. (he's a family dog lol owned by us all but he's my moms lol) His mom and dad were left abandoned in a house that the owners moved out of and left the dogs behind. 2 days after they were rescued the mom gave birth to 7 pups. But sadly 3 of them died. Our monkey was named haggis before we adopted him then we named him Louie. These stories and rescues are so sad but so heart warming at the same time. You guys are great. Much love. Xx

  • Kimberly Brown
    Kimberly Brown

    I wish I could donate but I have parents so... And I'm gonna be a veterinarian when I grow up

  • Krishna Mohan
    Krishna Mohan

    Hats offfff 😘😘😔😔😔😔😔😔😘

  • Oh Be Juan Kenobi
    Oh Be Juan Kenobi

    This poor doggo was abandon by some asshole. She is way too friendly to be wild.

  • H Robinson
    H Robinson

    Unfortunately it's not just dogs that are mistreated. I had a senior friend that lived a couple of Miles Away in a mobile home park close quarters between the homes. Every Saturday I would drive over and take him to the grocery store and the bank if needed Etc. One Saturday he didn't answer the phone but I drove over anyway just to check. When I got to the front door there were flies buzzing around and that horrible sickening sweet smell up death. The neighbors all knew him and knew he was somewhat feeble and did nothing. They said they hadn't seen him for days and we're waiting for the mobile home park office to open on Monday. I immediately called the police and they had me identify the body. He'd gotten out of the shower and slipped, he may have laid there for days in pain. The lady who lived right next door thanked me profusely and said her husband would not let her make a phone call. I will never understand it. He was a veteran who religiously flew the u.s. flag and took it down every evening. Apparently is it been flying most of the week, his children allowed me to take it down and take it home.

  • Jamie Lee Ashton
    Jamie Lee Ashton

    Awwww 🥰 I love it

  • ab genius
    ab genius

    I love the vids but why do u record it?(no hate)

  • _anoja31_


  • boorad99

    So precious!! But I missed what was wrong with her leg? Just curious. She was running at the end, so I’m glad it got fixed anyway. Thanks to everyone who helped Bluebell!!


    What makes the situation for these animals even more tragic is the fact that you state that surgeries are expensive. Only vets have the skills to fix these animals so why, if they care about animals so damn much, are the public being asked to pay for the surgeries. Why cant the vets do them for free, as these pets have clearly been abandoned.

  • Kathy Jones
    Kathy Jones

    I am so happy to hear that she has found her forever home! Thank you, Lionel's Legacy!

  • Anne Coles
    Anne Coles

    Thank you for your rescues but WHY WOULD YOU WEAR A MASK SHOWING TEETH?!!


    As I cannot raise the funds to treat my own cancer, I'd be happy to share my legacy with these pups. They are more deserving than most people I know. I've got Bone Cancer. It's really a very slow killer. It might take awhile for my will to be read.

  • Susan De Leon
    Susan De Leon

    Very sad and yet very consoling when the dog said goodbye to the man--like saying thank you for the help.

  • maya


  • Whitney Connolly
    Whitney Connolly

    What a happy story! Prayers for Bluebell's forever home. Bless you, for the rescue and care.

  • iamtheo_dore

    She looks so goood.

  • Idk what my username should be
    Idk what my username should be

    It’s amazing because she didn’t look very skinny when you rescued her and I hope that that man adopts her!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • theinfamous47

    If a dog loves you, God loves you..

  • Laura Land
    Laura Land

    Thank you Hope for Paws for doing what others won't, and getting her the medical attention she needed! On a side note, tying a dog to the car with a slip lead is dangerous. It will secure the dog in place while driving, but if you got in a car accident or had to make a sudden stop, it would seriously injure the dog. If you can't fit another crate in the car, keeping different sizes of harnesses in the car would help.

  • Black Wolf
    Black Wolf

    I was so worried that Bluebell wasn’t going to have a happy ending! I’m so happy that Hope for Paws sAved her life and not just for her, but all dogs 🐕! They do not discriminate against breeds and it’s so wonderful to see all of these pit bulls find homes 🏡 and be fostered instead of locked up in a kennel at the pound! That’s what I really cherish about this organization is that they fulfill each animals needs, even after their rescue. How awesome too that the whole community knows just who to call! I hope that I can donate soon! 😍😁🦡🦝🐾🐾🐈🐈🐕🐕🌳💟💖

  • Argenis Mezon
    Argenis Mezon

    The fact that y’all still do this makes me so happy cause I. Love pets and I would always want to save pets that are on my streets but can’t but you guys inspire me so much🥺

  • Lisa McCurley
    Lisa McCurley

    I donate monthly to this organization. I love hope for paws!

  • d hart
    d hart

    Nice butt on the young lady in black

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