Stauffer is no longer homeless, but his journey is not over yet.
Thank you so much for supporting our rescue efforts. Yesterday again we were out on rescues all day until midnight, and it makes it harder to work on the many stories we want to share. This week we will post a few new videos here:
Stauffer is still a little nervous and would love to have a loving family that will hug him and help him gain his confidence. If you would like to adopt him, please contact our friends at:
Thank you JoAnn Wiltz for saving him, and thank you all for sharing our rescue videos :-)
We would love for you to join our mailing list because we're sending a special gift to all our supporters in the next few days. If you didn't join us yet, please click here:

  • Shelby Tobin
    Shelby Tobin

    Such a beautiful little dog

  • Maria Zaytseva
    Maria Zaytseva

    he is still there.. it breaks my heart(

  • Sherry Roberts
    Sherry Roberts

    Sweet little story! I hope he got a loving home.......

  • Karin Tolbert
    Karin Tolbert

    Sweet Stauffer 🥰🐕🐾 hope for paws 🐾💗🐾💗🐾💗🐾💗🐾

  • Ezway Ocho
    Ezway Ocho

    6:12 The way he walks with his tail tucked between his legs is heartbreaking 💔😭 Poor baby! 🐕😢

  • hippydippy

    I'm glad he was given another chance, but it's quite obvious that dog has been through some serious trauma of some sort. Even at the end of the video he still had his tail between his legs. Sad.

  • rick easton
    rick easton

    Cold weather doggie close crack me up. It's Feb in Ca and it might be freezing cold at around 65 degrees.

  • betty cogswell
    betty cogswell

    What a sweetie...I'm sure he got a home..

  • Jim Aaron
    Jim Aaron

    Prayers sent to this dog

  • Laura Land
    Laura Land

    So did he go back to the original Rescue?

  • Farnaz Gh
    Farnaz Gh

    Does it really help when you repeat 1000 times it's ok? Why you don't throw a blanket on the trap?

  • Fiona Hu
    Fiona Hu

    You help dig I love dogs

  • Linda Johnson
    Linda Johnson

    Love what you do for dogs!

  • Jessica Marie
    Jessica Marie

    Am I the only one who noticed his injury, above his right eye? I came here for answers I was SURE someone would have asked but nada! Something is sticking out or may be a pin rose tube?? 🤷🏼‍♀️ 🐾🦴

  • I am loaf cat :3
    I am loaf cat :3

    💕U guys save so many animal lifes!!!💕

  • Porter Roth
    Porter Roth

    God bless you guys for saving this dog ❤️❤️❤️

  • Silvia Voss
    Silvia Voss

    he is a beautiful Chihuahua, love his eyes and demeanor, thanks for helping him!

  • Va'Nela Sundae
    Va'Nela Sundae

    Wow he has beautiful eyes!

  • Gagan Vij awesome
    Gagan Vij awesome

    Nice very nice

  • Mystera

    Thank you for saving him! I hope he finds a forever home soon!

  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams

    I love his chill personality and would love to have him but I have 3 young kids and might be to crazy atmosphere for his chill vibes

  • René Fabre
    René Fabre


  • Lori Montcalm
    Lori Montcalm

    I love in Ontario and my chihuahua came from California. He is a much different dog than when we first got him!! Love people who do the initial physical rescue. Thank you.

  • Dennis Sutton
    Dennis Sutton

    I am so glad i found your group. You do such wonderful can i help?

  • Jojo \m/
    Jojo \m/

    This is a crazy premonition... anyone know what I'm talking about?

    • mystcpza

      yup. I do.

  • nymom 750
    nymom 750

    He looks like a little rabbit in that last shot. Why can't people take care of their dogs...

  • Alexandra Zechner
    Alexandra Zechner

    Everybody that put a 👎 has no 💖 at all still Stauffer looks so cute! :3🐕🐶

  • Brooke Lawson
    Brooke Lawson

    He has simillarities to my Miniature Pinscher but I reckon he is a mix of min pin and Chihuahua

  • Human Being
    Human Being

    If I had the resources I think I'd take all the dogs. I'd pay staff to play with them and take care of them. Create jobs & help dogs. Win win.

  • Carol Taylor
    Carol Taylor

    He is just a out the right size for me

  • vanko avitohol
    vanko avitohol


  • Brenda Arrasmith
    Brenda Arrasmith

    What a cutie

  • Lorrie Birdwatcher
    Lorrie Birdwatcher

    I love this one, I will say again .. he is a twin to my 8 lb. Min Pin, Cooper! ♥️

  • Audri Cholid
    Audri Cholid

    Millions bless for hope for Paws

  • Provocateur Astrology
    Provocateur Astrology

    Not a gentle rescue. This women is always in a hurry. Loretta needs to train her. She turns your audience off.

  • John Gardner
    John Gardner

    All this time I thought you guys were observing and triggering the traps remotely (using the camera as a live stream). Lol, I am an idiot.

  • Smith Family YouTube
    Smith Family YouTube

    Cheeseburger? I thought it would prefer Taco Bell. 😂

  • wert freund
    wert freund

    ♥️♥️♥️ "Stauffer" 😍

  • Tom Dore
    Tom Dore

    How old is your dog

    • Tom Dore
      Tom Dore

      How old is your dog

  • EJ’s Channel
    EJ’s Channel

    Imagine being too light to set a trap

  • charissa teo
    charissa teo

    I really wish I could join but I’m not from California

  • Valerie Douglas
    Valerie Douglas

    I donate $5.00 every month to hope for paws. That is not much so can you do the same?

  • iBronzey

    what was that on his left eyebrow

  • Defective Cat57
    Defective Cat57

    Bless Ms. Stauffer for sharing the love!

  • noname


  • GrandmaChelle23

    Hope he finds that special home he needs.

  • Lunar Lover
    Lunar Lover

    Aww he looks like a little Fawn, sooo cute 😍🐾🐾

  • Paloma Olena
    Paloma Olena

    I just fell for a site that is using your page format and colors and a bait that shows your rescue site and when I click to watch it it is hope for dogs in Michigan. Are your rescues piggy back riding on each other?

  • Ralf Dietrich
    Ralf Dietrich

    "Hey it's OK"This is often said in such a loud, nervous tone, that as a dog I would certainly not let it calm me down

  • Alex the dude
    Alex the dude

    No offensive to scaffur but I can’t see it’s tail also scaffur ur very brave

  • Xai Sarkari
    Xai Sarkari

    I am just wondering how you'll are going to rescue animals during quarantine.

  • 5度C


  • darkness boy221
    darkness boy221

    I wish islam can touch dog i will adopt him But NP in heaven i can touch dog freely :)

  • Juniper Wolf
    Juniper Wolf

    I love Chihuahuas they're so cute, tiny, and mighty

  • You

    Water Bottle Trick Worked 🛡Congratulation!You Got The Water Bottle Trick Badge! [√]


    After his bath when the woman was drying him off with the towel, his face looked like he remembered what it feels like to be loved again. So prescious.

  • Scoutpower1

    My great-aunt managed 102.

  • Kimberly Potts
    Kimberly Potts

    Praying for doggy

  • aven Jackson
    aven Jackson

    I really want a Pitbull dog

  • Lyyti Syrjälä
    Lyyti Syrjälä

    You are so amazing, I want to do this when I grow up 😍❤🙏

  • Gabi

    I hope this organization stays a thing for a long time because when I grow up I want to help animals just like y'all do I also want to foster animals and adopt animals

  • Adel Epondulan
    Adel Epondulan

    Hi💖 I watched your videos on youtube and it really inspires me to do the same thing which is to restore hope for our furry friends. Anyways, I am a part of an organization (Furry Tails Hinundayan) here in the Philippines located at Hinundayan, Southern Leyte. As of now, we are struggling for our rescues daily necessity due to lack of funds and we are also experiencing this pandemic. I would just like to ask if you could help us raise funds for our shelter. As of now we have more than 100 rescues. I'm hoping for the best response from this team hehe💖💖 thank you for the time. (Furry Tails Hinundayan) - official Facebook Page💖

  • Edward Davis
    Edward Davis


  • oliver oliver
    oliver oliver

    This is the best channel ever, the saddest is thought that someone just dislikes this. You don't have to not like animals, but they have feelings and heart too. This makes me sad that some people have cold heart and they don't appreciate the effort to save lifes.

  • Starleena Barber
    Starleena Barber

    Was he adopted?

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole

    It would be amazing if Stauffer could meet Ms. Stauffer

  • Omar Geeh
    Omar Geeh

    Maybe if you whoop his ass he won’t act like such a spoilt mutt!

  • Island Kate
    Island Kate

    What a great name he was given. Lucky boy. Hope he gets a wonderful home.

  • mxdnight shy
    mxdnight shy

    If yall find a tiny pomeranion please go to famila diamonds channel there dog is missing please help find there dog march pom

  • Melanie Nguyen
    Melanie Nguyen

    Why on earth there are even some few dislike?

  • catchingstars7

    I like the video and the water bottle is clever. Jo-Anne's panicked barks "it'sokay" always stress me out. I think the dog is cute.

  • Federico Lusvardi
    Federico Lusvardi


  • Its Bunny
    Its Bunny

    Hes still up for adoption on the website!

  • H.B Castillo
    H.B Castillo

    wouuu! beautiful dog ❤️❤️🐕

  • Aly B
    Aly B

    Oh god, the poor creature was terrified when the trap shut!

  • yes

    He looks like a little kangaroo 🥰🥰🥰

  • Velli Way
    Velli Way

    Stauffer is my last name. Let's go champppp you got this buddy

  • Lisa Falcione
    Lisa Falcione


  • Angelique Dollosa
    Angelique Dollosa

    Please find fasby another family

  • Angelique Dollosa
    Angelique Dollosa

    Eldad please dont give fasby to crystal!😢 I’m soo worried of fasby (buffy)

  • Flinger

    3:17 is it bad that the beyblade theme song started playing in my head?

  • 59 thanks
    59 thanks

    I so admire all the Love you guys give to these dogs.

  • Laurie

    Not a Chihuahua fan but glad he's off the streets. Good job!

  • Eline S
    Eline S

    The only thing I really dislike about where the dogs go to for foster are the dog clothes. Almost every video where dogs are shown with fosters, there are tons of dogs with sweaters or jackets. Why? After a big shave, sure, but why does this dog needs a God damn sweater. You're fucking up his ability to manage colder weather.

  • Savannah Seus
    Savannah Seus

    if you love animals say #HopeForPaws

  • C A M I L A
    C A M I L A

    When the dog was in the cage, I kept saying “It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay.”

  • Just Another Person
    Just Another Person

    Aweeeee the name was very very appropriate. Precious little bum.

  • Naka Michael
    Naka Michael

    This is so trippy! He looks almost exactly like my chihuahua mix!!

  • Lisa Funny
    Lisa Funny

    The dog is very beautiful

  • Donna H
    Donna H

    New Subbie. 🙏May God Bless each & everyone involved in a single rescue!❤

  • Susan Theobald
    Susan Theobald

    I think his name should be changed to Mario, to inject a little more fun into his life. He looks like his mindset is frozen. Just a suggestion. Poor little boy! 🧡💛💚❤️💙 Hope he finds his forever home.

  • Alexis Grose
    Alexis Grose

    Joanne, you are so inspiring. All of the members are, but you stand out to me for inexplicable reasons. You guys have inspired many of us to rescue on our own, thank you so much for everything you do. ❤️


    شكرا لكم و بارك الله فيكم

  • The bitcoin Expert
    The bitcoin Expert

    Mad appreciation for everything you do for these animal! I wish I could start a rescue mission in Indiana! This would be a dream job!

  • AussieAnnie62

    Happy for the doddy. Bless Mary Stauffer.

  • Rebecca C.
    Rebecca C.


  • Brian Fantana
    Brian Fantana

    High strung little doggie. Hope he finds the right home.

  • Cathie Fagan
    Cathie Fagan

    Better lesson in humanity for the kids than from any book

  • criise1

    What a great idea about a water bottle or another kind of weight for lighter animals.

  • ElizaBeth Marshall-Smith
    ElizaBeth Marshall-Smith

    It's cool to see him in a hugs vest😊

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