McKenzie was so scared of touch, but a hug changed everything! ❤️
We live in a world with a lot less hugs, but for McKenzie, it was what she needed the most! We would love to do many more of these rescues, so if you can, please join our team with a small donation: - if every viewer will participate with just $5, it will make a huge difference for so many animals. If you can't donate at the moment, please share the video with someone who will enjoy the video :-)
Please watch this video until the end and see how confident she grows by the second! I am so proud of her!!!
This video reminds me a little bit of Holly's video:
If you would like to adopt her or any of the other dogs or puppies in this video, please visit our friends at Foxy and the Hounds:
Thank you so much for watching our videos - it really helps us out!
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  • toricorn

    The fact that he remembered the name of the dog he rescued FIVE YEARS ago.

    • Janet Pratt
      Janet Pratt

      @ملاك سليمان ?ñ

    • Klara Schaltz
      Klara Schaltz

      I mean he really loves animals more then anything in the world, like it's amazing like try to write a name down and I bet he can awnser Wich rescue it was

    • Yabadabonboo

      @Goodnight Munchie your dumb. A bunch of people just got arrested for rioting at a blm protest and the picture of all their mug shots is on the news, guess what.... They’re ALL white. Stop drinking the koolaid

    • Aasrita's

      @Aloha Md the mask and gloves are very much important because if the rescued animals has blood sucking ticks or any bacterial infection which may spread to us. protection 😂😂😂😂

    • Daniela Rosa
      Daniela Rosa


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  • Angela Bussata
    Angela Bussata

    😭😭😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️🐕♥️♥️♥️ che paura ha povero cagnonlino al inizio ! Ti spezza il cuore quando vedo le sofferenze dei animaletti 😭♥️🐕♥️ pero sono contenta che Dio li ha dato una famiglia che lo ama veramente ♥️🐕♥️


    Hope for Paws are amazing humans . Bless you all .

  • Partha Roy
    Partha Roy

    Thought I'm a tough guy!! But when Mc submitted to her rescuer it came as emotional blow.

  • Анна


  • Tin Garaus
    Tin Garaus

    the mask is crap because the dogs can't recognize your mimics. I suppose that makes catching strays even more difficult.

  • azarnoosh mokhtarinejad
    azarnoosh mokhtarinejad


  • Mel Christelle
    Mel Christelle

    My heart! 😍😭❤ I have 18dogs and I rescued all of them!

  • ธัญธนพร ธิตุ่น
    ธัญธนพร ธิตุ่น

    สุดยอดที่รักhope of the every dogs in the world ❤️ ❤️❤️ thanks you very much

  • Cassandra Stornoway
    Cassandra Stornoway

    Love to the Darling Angels

  • Tahoe Jones
    Tahoe Jones

    The concept of anesthesia eludes you huh?

  • Pham PHUONG
    Pham PHUONG

    I’m very admiration you ,, ,, 💋

  • Queenki Beauty
    Queenki Beauty

    I just can’t get enough of these videos so darn cute😻😻

  • KeithH02

    My mom has a terrier just like this but brown. A more loving, intelligent & well behaved little pal you couldnt meet ! Hes great I love seeing him, he goes berserk when he sees me. How the hell do these nice dogs (all animals) end up in such a state ? if I had a dog and couldnt look after it, I'd just take it to a shelter. What is the point of treating a dog cruelly, or neglecting / dumping it ? It only gets you in trouble with police if caught. At least in a shelter I'd know it is getting fed, medically looked after, & kept safe from being run over on road, attacked by large dogs etc. I really don't understand someone coming to conclusion dumping a pet is a good idea. Don't they know it will go home, neighbours will recognise it ? If they report it to police theyll know straight away whose it is and what youve done ! Many people are as thick as pig excrement.

  • KeithH02

    Poor little mite ! Who would dump a lovely little mutt like that ? ( or whatever happened for her to end up stray). Cowering in the corner, timid and terrified, hungry its shocking ! If that was my dog she would be rolling around on my carpet with a toy, and lots of treats, nice food & walks. Sadly, I live in an apartment and cannot keep a dog. I tried to foster one temporarily, but no answer from shelters on the phone (going back 2 years, not just covid 2020), no reply to emails, nothing.

  • Paul Rhu-Mhor Fraser
    Paul Rhu-Mhor Fraser

    She is gorgeous

  • Bernadette Bautista
    Bernadette Bautista

    Can I adopt her/him? Please 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢🙏

  • Sprite Sam
    Sprite Sam

    How inspiring....glad she was saved!

    • Sprite Sam
      Sprite Sam

      Today...a chicken came to the house. It was lost, and pecked on the back. A hawk was diving down at it trying to kill it. It's in a cage in my back yard tonight. Gotta find someone to rescue pick up one will take poultry. Cats and dogs, no chickens...hope we can help the chicken tomorrow.

  • American Woman
    American Woman

    Daaaw 😭 she is so sweet glad you got her off the street. You guys are so gentle, thanks for what you do for these helpless animals. She's so much happier n she deserves that!!👍😊🙏

  • Barbie Sanders
    Barbie Sanders

    Very happy for her

  • Isabel Cristina Maioli Cecconello De Siqueira
    Isabel Cristina Maioli Cecconello De Siqueira


  • Mike S
    Mike S

    Glad she’s safe.

  • Rosario Betancourt
    Rosario Betancourt

    Gracias ☺️ bendiciones 🙏

  • brendamj28

    Such a sweet and precious little girl. All she carves is love and affection. Hugs & Kisses to Princess McKenzie. 🤗🥰 Thank you Hope 4 Paws for rescuing this girl and giving her a new lovely life. ❤

  • L Phoenix
    L Phoenix

    Was he adopted? Does he get along w cats? Those little pups are adorable!

  • lior13a

    איזה מלך אתה אלדד

  • Joe Barron
    Joe Barron

    The music 🤣😂😭

  • José Pierini
    José Pierini

    Parabéns pelo resgate ,mas e a comida?

  • Taryn Ray
    Taryn Ray

    God bless your souls I love you all. God watches your every move and what you did for that dog was beyond beautiful ✝️❤️I pray for you all in the name of Jesus

  • Kedija Ali
    Kedija Ali

    Allah or God bless you

  • Thai Van
    Thai Van


  • bartenderzzz

    You guys are angels from above.

  • Tesseract9630

    Thank you for saving that dog. God bless you

  • Vinniedayhiker

    Somebody is cutting onions in here again.

  • Velma Mendoza
    Velma Mendoza

    She's adorable. It is so wonderful to see how you help each of these scared little babies into a little of of energy and love. How she found a great family and a loving home.

  • サイトウセイキ


  • Robin Harris
    Robin Harris

    where was her hamburger :)

  • jovavi 63
    jovavi 63

    !!que carita más triste😩😩👿👿


    Bravo bravissimo! Hai un gran cuore

  • Annie Divins
    Annie Divins

    It is sad to see animals so scared like that cuz there ain't no telling what it's been through all they need is a little love tender and care they just need somebody to help them and I'm glad that you're there to help that poor dog I want adopting so bad he's so cute or she has been through so much drama you can tell the way that the dog Acts lots of love goes out to the animals dogs can't feed their self but cats can but sometimes cats needs help too

    • Annie Divins
      Annie Divins

      You can tell when she later head down she knew that she was going to be fine

  • Casey-leigh Jago
    Casey-leigh Jago

    This made me cry

  • Bawldy- NOT!
    Bawldy- NOT!

    Some cultures are absolutely cruel to animals and its totally normal

  • Denise Littieri
    Denise Littieri


  • Denise Littieri
    Denise Littieri

    Olhartrit ondo odoguinhindoo rigadaajuda☕😗🐕🙏😘😎👏😎👏👏☺

  • Scribble Artie
    Scribble Artie

    Oh this made me so happy at the end!

  • JJ Hyde
    JJ Hyde

    I’ve watched this story a couple of times now, I love all your vlogs

  • Vesna XXX
    Vesna XXX


  • jezztech

    what a lovely little dog, she been traumatized so bad, who could do such a thing ??

  • Татьяна Бутовичева
    Татьяна Бутовичева

    Thank YOU for helping&saving animals🐕💋❤🙏👍


    Good job guys

  • pereulki

    The cutest!

  • Samar Khan
    Samar Khan

    Ok so this is the thing I love the hope for paws..but there is a spot there ok for people who abandon any animal and they are called...dumba$$

  • Asha Kennerly
    Asha Kennerly

    The sadness and defeat in that dogs eyes is heartbreaking.

  • Robert W.
    Robert W.


  • Christiana H.
    Christiana H.

    Wie immer schön, wie ihr die Tiere rettet. Aber bitte, warum mit Maske? Ihr glaubt doch hoffentlich nicht diesem weltweiten Betrug?

  • mikp1280

    You have the best job in the world ...

  • julie willis
    julie willis

    Awe she is gorgeous

  • ルチハランラン

    不安気な表情から だんだん生き生きした表情に変わっていく姿に胸が熱くなる❗ 何も出来ない私ですが 少しでも幸せになれる様子を観て安心しています>^_^

  • Ingrid Pattyn
    Ingrid Pattyn

    • Ingrid Pattyn
      Ingrid Pattyn

  • Brad Denty
    Brad Denty

    Maybe I'm a bad person BUT...i like animals way more than ppl. All that want is love and they dont judge u

  • Margaret McGill
    Margaret McGill

    Such sad eyes and demeanour to begin with Then just a bundle of love. Got my first ever pet last year at 69. A 1yo rescue Whippet. Best decision I made. (Apart from adopting my two children as babies 36 and 34 years ago). I love my fur baby so much. McKenzie is gorgeous. I hope she gets a happy forever home like my Carrick.

  • Mohamed Khalid
    Mohamed Khalid

    you are so good people , I like you so match

  • Mohamed Khalid
    Mohamed Khalid

    you are so good people , I like you so match

  • Mohamed Khalid
    Mohamed Khalid

    you are so good people , I like you so match

  • Mohamed Khalid
    Mohamed Khalid

    you are so good people , I like you so match

  • Kalany

    Preciosa pekeña.

  • Ena Ahmetasevic
    Ena Ahmetasevic

    I remember watching this a few years ago and I’m so overjoyed that you guys still do this and share your content because I remember feeling so inspired by you guys and wanting to do what you do when I was a kid so badly and now you’ve brought back those happy feelings. I think my first video (or at least the most memorable one) what when you saved the puppies that were 18 feet into the earth and that was three years ago. That may not seem like much considering you guys have shared your content up to 11 or so ago! I love your videos and would love to volunteer one day when I’m older! Thank you for all the hard work you guys do! Keep up the great work 😊

  • A Butterfly
    A Butterfly

    What a dear dog😘

  • Francisca Da Silva
    Francisca Da Silva


  • Elza pereira Horn
    Elza pereira Horn

    Parabéns vocês são anjos Muito lindo o trabalho que Vocês fazem pelos ANIMAIS CURITIBA Paraná Brasil

  • PatRed Gaming
    PatRed Gaming

    I am pray for you Please please you come Bangladesh dhaka khilkhet Lack city concord for helps all dogs

  • Maria Alves
    Maria Alves

    Muito lindo esses anemais tem o amor mais sincero do mundo pena que muitos não entende que com um pouco de carinho e vivem feliz e fiel a pessoa que adotou quem sabe um dia o coração humano mude e não vai ter mais abandonos parabéns voces são incríveis admiro muito o que fazem pelos animais

  • Brigitte Coleman
    Brigitte Coleman

    it should be in law that every dog has to chiped ! also stop this dogbreeder for 15 years ! we got millions nets a home ! so please ask the politics to stop this ! also if a animal been treated badley the people could send to court ! maybe that would help ! if people cant afford this animal any longer try to help ! its not good take an animal of people wich love them but can treat them right because money is less ! so get places in cities where poor people get free food for their animals and a check ones in a year free ,until they going to get better ! please ,please stop this breeders ! also get dogs out lands wich dont like them !

  • Shahad Saad
    Shahad Saad


  • Achmad Marendes
    Achmad Marendes

    Always love the bath part, looks so refreshing

  • Ishaan Nitturkar
    Ishaan Nitturkar

    looks like 733 people had tears in their eyes because of how happy they were so they accidentally hit the dislike button.

  • Chassummer Sonatina
    Chassummer Sonatina

    There are truly wonderful people in this world!

  • Zivile Mat.
    Zivile Mat.

    poor little thing :( happy they saved her

  • Ekaterina Dart
    Ekaterina Dart

    Сколько страха пришлось пережить этому ребенку. Слава Богу, что он оттаял в любви и заботе

  • Ginger Ann
    Ginger Ann

    I have never seen a dog so sad...made me you...bless you for all that you do and everyone that donates!!!

  • Daniela Ngom
    Daniela Ngom

    Humans are the most horrible and cruel beings on this planet... Happily there are some people like you with a good heart for animals. I love your work and I watch your videos crying all the time... I know how animals could change if they have a loving home... All our animals are adopted and we never would shop a animal. Stay safe and healthy and love and hugs from Germany Daniela

  • gordana vidak
    gordana vidak

    these masks are terrible...take them off at least when you are with animals

  • gordy mc
    gordy mc

    mc kenzie is my name,its scottish and it means the fair one,which is quite apt in this case.

  • Southern Soul
    Southern Soul

    What beautiful, precious little angels both you and that sweet little dog

  • Disha Gupta
    Disha Gupta

    Poor girl was so afraid, she was literally shaking. These types of rescues bring tears to my eyes. You guys are doing such a great job, saving these beautiful angels. Shame on those people who abandon these cute and pretty fellows on streets like this.

  • Andrea R
    Andrea R

    HERMOSO MACKENZIE.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗.

  • Bianca Fights The Zombies
    Bianca Fights The Zombies

    Best dogs are rescue dogs

  • madeline cutting
    madeline cutting

    I wonder if he lived there and someone turned him out.....poor baby.

  • Виктория Никифорова
    Виктория Никифорова

    Респект мужчине, за подход к пёсикам👍

  • Mary Kerkhof
    Mary Kerkhof

    Why are humans so nasty to our best friends I would love to help like these people I love my dog I would feed him and go with out my self ..

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    Katie Faith

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  • Lovesme Somerebornbabies 2
    Lovesme Somerebornbabies 2

    Your channel both reduces me to tears and at the same time gives me a strong, happy, energetic feeling that the whole world has not gone to hell in a hand basket and there are still good people out there- BECAUSE of YOU and YOUR team!!! Thank you for all you do for these precious fur babies!!!

  • CarlyPlayz -Roblox
    CarlyPlayz -Roblox

    Born to be a hero ✨❤️

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    king of pizza

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  • D VS
    D VS

    7:14 "you wanna bite me? Oh, you dont have teeth yet." LOL...... the lil dude is adorable....I can smell that puppy breath from here...

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