The little kitten didn't see it coming, and in a split second, her life changed forever!
Some rescues require multiple trips, and here we got the baby on day one, and the mama on day two - so watch until the end :-)
Rescues like this happen only thanks to your donations. I really hope you understand how even a $5 donation helps us because it adds up and enables us to rescue more and more animals. If you can, please join our team with a small donation here:
Amazingly, the mom (Knee-Socks) was ADOPTED by our friends at L.A Animal Rescue ( ) and our friends from Room 8 Memorial Foundation are fostering the baby (Arabella). If you would like to adopt her, please contact them directly:
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  • Rio Henry
    Rio Henry

    I love everything you do but “pss, pss, pss” is not appropriate for a cat call. It sounds like a cat spitting and you don’t want to introduce yourself that way. Baby talk or silence is best

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    maria teresa

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  • R S
    R S

    Are you serious??? Why would you catch kittens with a NET?!! Your stiff, cable leash is also incredibly inhuman!! Boy.. it only takes just a little bit of calm, after you’ve given them food and little affection to simply slip in and grab them quickly, but gently by their nape, when unexpected and coddle them, or wrap the baby in a blanket and hold them gently, yet firm enough they feel secure. I can tell you, knowing animals... they main guy who does these videos is the problem. He has incredibly high strung energy, and he tires to do waaay too much “camera time” for his show, rather than getting the task done in a way less obtuse way. Send the girl in. Home slice needs to take his directing needs elsewhere.

  • Danilo Guardia
    Danilo Guardia

    I love cats

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    Shehla Tanveer

    Happiness❤ Thank you Hope for Paws!

  • Cornelio Rosel Jr
    Cornelio Rosel Jr

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    Lennon Hodges

    So cute those precious kittens 😍


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    I Putu Arya Bayu Dyatmika


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    George Senda

    Did Arabella get a home ?

  • George Senda
    George Senda

    So nice they were reunited.

  • George Senda
    George Senda

    So cute & love her face & the little pink nose.

  • Houdhoud Houdiboudi
    Houdhoud Houdiboudi

    I really don't understand why you always separate the animals from their mom!!! I can't understand it!!!

  • Andrew Zeleno
    Andrew Zeleno

    I would kill for animals. Seriously. If you have an animal offender, contact me. My Russian mafia bros will fix this problem.

  • Amy Anderson
    Amy Anderson

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    Lavin Manchanda

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  • english rose
    english rose

    U shouldn't.fix them and then send.them back into the streets!

  • english rose
    english rose

    I'd lo e to give her.a.home with me here in Australia,!

  • Rev12one S
    Rev12one S

    God bless you rescuers and vets. John 14:27 John 15:12

  • brahmoone

    1:54 squeeze it hard, love it, more more

  • Dmmyy Ites
    Dmmyy Ites

    I freaked when watching this video out bc these cats look exactly like my cats!!! Ahhhhhh they’re exactly the same🥺

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    jon fire


  • Pravin Jadhav
    Pravin Jadhav

    I would like to adopt the little kitten but I live in other country because of that I am not able to adopt

  • Pravin Jadhav
    Pravin Jadhav

    I can't adopte any kittens because it is not available in my country but I made a donation for thi animals to find them a sweet home 😊❤️😊❤️ I have rescued a cat and she is just 1 week old and her mother was not there with her

  • Dirce Vasconcelos Chaves Vasconcelos Chaves
    Dirce Vasconcelos Chaves Vasconcelos Chaves

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    Stev'e n Jamet

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    Ken Kaiser Torres

    Hope For Paws isn’t even a rescue channel or a rescue team... THEY’RE LITERAL ANGELS FROM HEAVEN😭❤️❤️❤️


    Can you please stop that sssss ssss sssss sound, its very irritating.

  • passion n madness
    passion n madness

    MY HEART!!!

  • rodsky baynosa
    rodsky baynosa

    Thanks for saving those angels

  • Natalie L
    Natalie L

    Can somebody please tell me what a "feral cat" means? Thanks!❤

    • stereomois

      A feral cat is not used to human touch or interacting, not used to having contact with hoomans. This is different from stray cats that will come up to you when offered food. Or as was my case, bring their newborns to the door in order to get shelter for their five kittens.

  • Gagan Vij awesome
    Gagan Vij awesome

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  • Andrew Murphy
    Andrew Murphy

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  • SharonGD1120

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  • Saskia van Houtert
    Saskia van Houtert

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  • kanishk hindustani gamer
    kanishk hindustani gamer


  • OreadNYC

    Such a *BIG* meow for such a little kitten!

  • i & i
    i & i

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    julie witter

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    Sandra Nobrega

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    Houdhoud Houdiboudi

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    Houdhoud Houdiboudi

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    Lillian santana

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    apaixonada pela natureza


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    Mikael mike

    I want to donate but it say i can't donate from india yet... Pls.. make options available

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    Nathan Donnelly

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    Harvey Wong

    can the mother cat and her kitten get together in new home?

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    Jax Caulfield

    George Floyd died the 25th May. Love all cat's too.

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    I Love Cats And Kittens


    Does the cat was adopted by anyone

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    Isabella Buchanan

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    Doug Dolde

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    Last days Prayer

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    Last days Prayer

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    BumbleBee UnCut

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    Nellie Moen

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  • Maria Weston
    Maria Weston

    Cover the cage with a towel to calm trapped cat. This one I bet was dumped.

  • DaCloudyGamer!

    My name is Arabella that’s so funny,

  • Kimberly Potts
    Kimberly Potts

    Praying for kitty

  • MobileMusic

    Cats and dogs making *multiple babies in each delivery* is what makes their situation worse. But still, the powerless mother cat (with NO hands or speech or human intelligence or help) can manage 5 or more kittens all by herself - moving them from place to place, caring for them, nursing and feeding them, raising them, giving them love and affection with no expectations whatsoever - even if it meant living in the woods, bushes, under the basement, in a sewer pipe, shivering in the cold, starving - without their daddy around to help! They get to live only 15-20 years. And yet, we humans - with hands, speech, intelligence and power to live 80-90 years - have a hard time delivering, raising and managing just one kid. All of these luxury privileges we have do not carry any advantages. Pity!

  • MobileMusic

    Here are some HIGHLY DISTURBING stats on companion animals - . 6.5 million companion animals enter US animal shelters nationwide every year. *. More than half of them will NOT make it out alive* (get euthanized/killed/put to permanent sleep mercilessly for NO fault of theirs). . 70,000 dogs and cats are born in the US everyday. *. Only 1 out of every 10 dogs and 1 out of every 12 cats born will find a permanent home.* . In just six years, one un-spayed female dog and her offspring can create 67,000 puppies and one un-spayed female cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 kittens! Please consider adopting a pet (or more) if you can...

  • Donna Miller
    Donna Miller

    Right now almost all kittens are gone from the la shelter.

  • Chun M&T
    Chun M&T

    It's better not to wash near the ears because the soap water will wash away the good bio stuff inside its ears and cause serious infection (my cats experienced that before and spent a whole year receiving treatment)

  • Elizabeth Cook
    Elizabeth Cook

    Love the rescues...amazing, daring, heroic, Then the vital vet care, But after that what I love about your channel is that you show so much human warmth, caring and contact and love and snuggles and sometimes even the forever home. That really puts the icing on the cake!!!

  • Alexa Vlogss
    Alexa Vlogss

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    Guys, I’m really sorry to write here about it but it is really hard. If anyone can donate, please connect us on Instagram @cazinske.sapice , there you can see pictures as a proves of abandoned animals... We are from poor country and we really need help from anyone! :(

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  • Garrett O ' Rourke
    Garrett O ' Rourke

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    Inday Langging

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  • Lazy Cat
    Lazy Cat

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    Estella Serrano

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    Karen Ahmed

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    Crystal Dawn Smith

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RIP Fawn :(
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