Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel

Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel
Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel

If you would like to SEND OUR ANIMALS stuff (a card, dog toys, cat toys, beds, rescue equipment or a check donation), it would be amazing!!! They LOVE it!!!
Our address:
Hope For Paws
8950 W. Olympic Blvd #525
Los Angeles, CA 90211
We couldn't do this work without your support! Please join us as a monthly donor of $5 and help us save many more lives this year: www.HopeForPaws.org
The less time we have to spend on fundraising for these animals, the more time we have to actually go out there and get them off the streets. Veterinary care is extremely expensive, and you are making it all possible when you support our efforts! If you haven't done so yet, I hope you will join us today.
Please follow our social media for regular updates on rescues & adoptions.
Facebook: facebook.com/hopeforpawscalifornia
Twitter: twitter.com/hopeforpaws
Instagram: instagram.com/hopeforpawsrescue/
Thanks :-)

  • siri dede
    siri dede

    Hoo gived a dislike is rlly a... 👀

  • Isabel Wittich
    Isabel Wittich


  • Kumar Kumar
    Kumar Kumar


  • Kumar Kumar
    Kumar Kumar


  • David Holiday
    David Holiday

    This is a lovely video but please remove the musical soundtrack.

  • Adryana Fasihah
    Adryana Fasihah

    from marshmallow you vedio so good I like it 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • Limey

    I'm so sorry about Loreta's loss. I lost my cat back in May and I'm still feeling the devastation!

  • Alberto Hernandez
    Alberto Hernandez

    I think those kittens are feral.

  • P Ramu
    P Ramu

    Lol I want one 🐕 what is your country

  • Marcelo Marçal
    Marcelo Marçal


  • Joyce Jameson
    Joyce Jameson

    I love you all i truly hate people who do animals like this 💖🇺🇸💖🇺🇸

  • Sandra Duarte
    Sandra Duarte

    Obrigado em nome do Senhor dos Universos!❤🐶🙏

  • 44yvo

    When Shiloh looks at you for the first time, that is her real breakthrough! At 5:45.

  • rick sa
    rick sa

    He's kind of like the smallest cat in the world except bigger.

  • Наталья Бакташева
    Наталья Бакташева

    Спасибо,что Вы есть..Ваше добро к Вам вернётся сторицей..Дай Бог Вам здоровья и благополучия в жизни за Ваши бескорыстные сердца...

  • Virginia Allenby
    Virginia Allenby

    You are all amazing

  • Catherine Rosengren
    Catherine Rosengren

    I am always amazed at how these big ferocious and vicious dogs are so accepting of help and kisses once they are caught. And they call them killers. Big sloppy kissers more like. I have learned so much from these tapes. Great work people. Thank you. Signed big man eating kisser pup. Tee hee

  • Kiersten Faircloth
    Kiersten Faircloth

    Hope there okey

  • liana tobias
    liana tobias

    I am mam from a baby opossum. Here in Brazil, they stay in mams balybag, like a canguru. My baby is only a month and a half old he sleeps in my hand and many strategies for him not escaping. Hugs.

  • Navajo Auckland
    Navajo Auckland

    That feeling of being flea free must be like a million bucks

  • TGSEdAbCa

    They are so ugly when they open their mouths they’re cute!!


    Ohh that's sad, but she was in loving care xxx RIP Catalina


    Did anyone get in youch with the person, who's car it was that took it in for new tyres to be fitted.. where ever it came from, other's would've been there.. 🥺

  • Sandesh Sherchan
    Sandesh Sherchan

    Plot twist: the ghosts were

  • Sandesh Sherchan
    Sandesh Sherchan

    Plot twist: the ghosts were real

  • J A
    J A

    Probably people with some level of psychopathy dump dogs in the desert.

  • Paula Landry
    Paula Landry

    They are absolutely adorable I would have adopted them together too, thank the lord there’s people like you to get these poor babies off the streets

  • Cindy Goodwin
    Cindy Goodwin


  • Ezra Creitz
    Ezra Creitz

    This channel reposts "rescue" videos of the same animals in different situations. There have been several situations over the past several months where they either accidentally or intentionally kill these baby animals, and make a video filming their dead corpse and proceed to bury them. THIS IS CLEAR ANIMAL ABUSE AND CRUELTY, AND NEEDS TO BE SPOKEN ABOUT. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, USE YOUR VOICE AND SAVE THESE ANIMALS!!! I hope the people that are responsible for making AND profiting off of these videos rot in hell. In my book, abusers of the innocent are the worst kind of human beings.


    That was beautiful I saw the exact moment he gave in to love ❤️❤️❤️ thank you for every animal you save, they are the purest and innocent 💕💕💕

  • Quinn Hen
    Quinn Hen

    The tri colored pup looks part Papillon. Adorable!! All 3 are beautiful.

  • Susan Mock
    Susan Mock

    The first dog looked it had tears of relief for being petted so gently. It was priceless

  • Ekatarina vi
    Ekatarina vi

    If u look closely you can see this is not a cat,its a Lion,brave and strong,thank you so much for saving her

  • Cindy Goodwin
    Cindy Goodwin

    Do you guys bring dog to Canada

  • hloo hloo
    hloo hloo

    لا ما عليك ما

  • Bambina Kusinera
    Bambina Kusinera

    They are very cute. I want to hug and kiss them. Thank you for saving these angels.

  • Judith Walker
    Judith Walker

    When I was invaded by baby possums, the lady from the wildlife center said they almost always come in threes! A live trap and a can of cat food is by far the fastest and easiest way to gather them up. Tho you do need to rig the 'trapdoor' with a pull cord or you will have one in and two trying to get in! They are so cute when they are really young!

  • Rakesh Reddy Maram
    Rakesh Reddy Maram

    What is the breed Plz reply anyone

  • Georgie Argie
    Georgie Argie

    I hope they were adopted together 🙏❤️

  • Laura Bongard
    Laura Bongard

    It's a good thing you caught her. She runs plenty fast. Loretta definitely is a magic trick. They can't resist her.

  • myexperiencewithdepression 26
    myexperiencewithdepression 26

    Tbh the cat bungalow looks like heaven to me

  • Albert VanTonder
    Albert VanTonder

    Thank u, guys! Great work!!

  • Sonia Silva
    Sonia Silva


  • Albert VanTonder
    Albert VanTonder

    Thank u!!

  • Bolero Kuyz
    Bolero Kuyz

    Hi my name is Richard Acquin Willing to adoption my puppy dog from philippines

  • Bolero Kuyz
    Bolero Kuyz

    Hi my name is Richard Acquin Willing to adoption my puppy dog from philippines

  • Bolero Kuyz
    Bolero Kuyz

    Hi my name is Richard Acquin Willing to adoption my puppy dog from philippines

  • Bolero Kuyz
    Bolero Kuyz

    Hi my name is Richard Acquin Willing to adoption my puppy dog from philippines

  • Bolero Kuyz
    Bolero Kuyz

    Hi my name is Richard Acquin Willing to adoption my puppy dog from philippines

  • Bolero Kuyz
    Bolero Kuyz

    Hi my name is Richard Acquin Willing to adoption my puppy dog from philippines

  • Sean Mitchell
    Sean Mitchell

    From 2:26 to 2:37 it looks like there is another puppy to the far left of the pallet

  • Kenn Ciso
    Kenn Ciso

    So thats a husky right?

  • Heather Leeming
    Heather Leeming

    Or u are so nice

  • Pomidorowa


  • Velma Mendoza
    Velma Mendoza

    How cute, that really cheered her up.

  • Monika Adventure
    Monika Adventure

    That bastard that sets these barbaric traps out needs to be found and hang up the nearest tree!!

  • Peter Brown
    Peter Brown

    I just can't wrap my brain around it. How in the hell could anyone just up and leave their pup behind? These people are truly terrifying. What was done to them that could make their hearts so black. She is beautiful.

  • jayapandian p
    jayapandian p

    please come to india and help the strays

  • Kevin P
    Kevin P

    Everything is so cute about an opossum except for its rat-like tail!

  • Kimi Johnny
    Kimi Johnny

    He should adopt her I mean there happy together 🥺❤️

  • Cindy Goodwin
    Cindy Goodwin

    She's beautiful. I would love to have her if I could

  • Antonio La Trippa
    Antonio La Trippa

    Loretta is a little bit reckless. Al least two gloves for blind searching stray animals. They kisses each other like humans.

  • Hoa Trần
    Hoa Trần


  • Ms L
    Ms L

    Eldad, they are all so blessed to have you looking out for them! 💜🐶🐱🐰🐹🦎🐥💜

  • maria magalhaes
    maria magalhaes

    Deus vos abençoe 🙏 obrigada

  • Xander Caranto
    Xander Caranto

    God bless.

  • Ayezha Rastelli
    Ayezha Rastelli

    Graças a Deus, tudo correu bem...boa sorte para todos eles...Deus abençoe esse pessoal da ONG👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

  • Marita Hösing
    Marita Hösing

    You do a good job.

  • Jovan Nikolic
    Jovan Nikolic


  • Riya Garbyal
    Riya Garbyal

    I seriously don’t trust the people who don’t like dogs.

  • Riel Harvey
    Riel Harvey

    He/She was stuck in there more then 2 days

  • Riel Harvey
    Riel Harvey


  • jean ross
    jean ross

    Pitties are cuddle bugs by nature, they naturally smile, the issues are with their owners. The same applies to bull terriers, my bully was the sweetest, funniest dog in the world.

  • Antonio La Trippa
    Antonio La Trippa

    Playing in the open air all the day; beautiful houses to live; swimming pools to refresh; nice pussies cuddle. Free meals. I want be a stray dog (rescued).

  • Naetashya Parker
    Naetashya Parker


  • KameraShy

    My mother said they are greasy when cooked. Grew up on a farm.

  • Barbara Vance
    Barbara Vance

    Uhhhh! This breaks my heart! Who would leave a dog in the culvert like that? Had it rained hard what would happen? They knew he can't climb out. We just had to put our almost 5 year old German Shepherd to sleep because he was poisoned! We miss him so very much. This made me cry. People Suck!!! Thanks to all of the rescuers.

  • Hoa Trần
    Hoa Trần


  • Stephen Cooper
    Stephen Cooper

    Honestly, what the hell is wrong with us? How can we produce such a wide contrast between compassion and savagery. The savage half of us want to kill the kind half of us. While the kind half want to save the savage half. People sicken me.

  • Boris Udovč
    Boris Udovč

    Don't do that your hurting them