Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel

Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel
Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel

www.HopeForPaws.org\n\nIf you would like to SEND OUR ANIMALS stuff (a card, dog toys, cat toys, beds, rescue equipment or a check donation), it would be amazing!!! They LOVE it!!!\n\nOur address:\nHope For Paws\n8950 W. Olympic Blvd #525\nLos Angeles, CA 90211\n\nWe couldn't do this work without your support! Please join us as a monthly donor of $5 and help us save many more lives this year: www.HopeForPaws.org\n\nThe less time we have to spend on fundraising for these animals, the more time we have to actually go out there and get them off the streets. Veterinary care is extremely expensive, and you are making it all possible when you support our efforts! If you haven't done so yet, I hope you will join us today.\n\nPlease follow our social media for regular updates on rescues \u0026 adoptions.\n\nFacebook: facebook.com/hopeforpawscalifornia\nTwitter: twitter.com/hopeforpaws\nInstagram: instagram.com/hopeforpawsrescue/\n\nThanks :-)\n\nEldad

  • Bryan Griffin
    Bryan Griffin

    It's people like this that give me hope for humanity.

  • Beatriz Ortiz
    Beatriz Ortiz

    Save the animals

  • Татьяна Болталина
    Татьяна Болталина


  • Mel Robertson
    Mel Robertson

    And at 120 pounds he probably loves to sit in people's laps (as with a bunch of big dogs)

  • M GM Music
    M GM Music

    Too cute! Good job!

  • Simon Jackson
    Simon Jackson

    Aw they were so cute and I'm from England but I'll try to hope for paws

  • Mel Robertson
    Mel Robertson

    Aww cute chunky potatoes

  • Just Jaelen
    Just Jaelen

    My heart was beating so fast omg

  • Maria Alvarez
    Maria Alvarez

    Aw so cute

  • Patty Heller
    Patty Heller

    My favorite videos are Fiona the blind.poodle and June the poodle used as a bait dog. Just the music makes me cry 😭 It is so heartbreaking to see the suffering people inflict on helpless animals God has a special place for them and the Angels that rescue them. Thank You

  • Damiaens Patrick
    Damiaens Patrick

    Don't like LATTC.

  • scott offord
    scott offord

    Heart warming

  • Mel Robertson
    Mel Robertson

    Oh my goodness, it's the littlest hobo! (Old TV show)

  • Aaron Waite
    Aaron Waite

    Sad 😢 for the mama

  • ꧁ꕥ AshliPlaysRoblox - The Laziest Cat Around! ꕥ꧂
    ꧁ꕥ AshliPlaysRoblox - The Laziest Cat Around! ꕥ꧂

    Nobody: Not A Soul: Me: **Makes a whole Warrior Cats OC and names her Angelface**

  • jaqueline gutierrez
    jaqueline gutierrez

    I will gladly foster that girl with a violet hair

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  • Jadwiga Chmielecka
    Jadwiga Chmielecka


  • alice guarino
    alice guarino

    The embarrassed cough reportedly borrow because appliance booly trip amidst a shut boundary. spurious, alluring area

  • DeeMoon MarStar
    DeeMoon MarStar

    sucha cutie and a survivor <3

  • catferin 1
    catferin 1

    Thanks for saving poor kitens😭😭😭😭🎈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈

  • Seán, Kady, Emma, Farrell Brady
    Seán, Kady, Emma, Farrell Brady

    What passed away?

  • YenYen


  • Kendrick Cunningham
    Kendrick Cunningham

    Do to the pandemic I was laid off but now I have found a job. And once I get back on my feet. I will be donating to to you. Cause with all the dark things happening your videos always shine a little light in my life. So thank not for just saving the dogs but for letting me know there still a lot of good left in the world.🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Bok Banton
    Bok Banton

    I cried i got a pet like that 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭

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    Robson Canella


  • Maria Inés Ordenes
    Maria Inés Ordenes

    Oye Yo Me Acuerdo Que Vi Este Video En El Día Viernes 16 De Mayo Del Año 2019 Y Yo Lloré 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jayden Uy glitch
    Jayden Uy glitch

    Agreezive cats lol

  • Maginot Isabel Zabala
    Maginot Isabel Zabala

    🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰🥰 J

  • Jason L77
    Jason L77

    Sad to think that such sweet animals have to suffer probably because her past owners didn’t want her anymore!

  • Olga Stucchi
    Olga Stucchi

    che bello vederli insieme felici!! siete in gamba!!

  • Lady Preciousa
    Lady Preciousa

    This is my 5th time to watch this video. It really move my heart. Thank you so much saving that baby.

  • susan baillie
    susan baillie

    Could i suggest when someone is close enough to touch a dog they could attach a flashing light and collar? Then you can still see them when following in the dark? I have an EzyLIGHT on my black dog so I can see her when she is out in the garden

  • Ruthi makoff
    Ruthi makoff

    you do

  • Ruthi makoff
    Ruthi makoff

    OMG. What a good and risky work you. Elded I'm proud of you. and of course of you helpers.. I will try to ask a friend of mine, to donate to you. You deserve it!!!

  • Agnes Ragó
    Agnes Ragó

    What great people they saved this wonderful dog. Godd bless all of them.

  • Cindy Goodwin
    Cindy Goodwin

    How can we adopt in Canada. Our friends got a dog from Texas. They had a truck full for other people that adopted from Texas

  • Cindy Goodwin
    Cindy Goodwin

    She's beautiful

  • Voice for Israel
    Voice for Israel

    May there be a special place in hell reserved for people who do these terrible acts of cruelty . May they sit chained for eternity in their own feces without food or water. Thx to the hope for paws team for their heroic rescues . God bless & keep you 🙏 pls come to israel to help us with animal rescue here

  • תמיר טמרו ממו
    תמיר טמרו ממו

    "tell your friends it's not ok. they are sweet animals and they are not deserve rocks to be thrown at them" Lisa just adorable 😍

  • 吉田和子


  • César Portugal
    César Portugal

    sorry, i love your work but i don´t like when you don´t have patience and the calm to catch the dog with "LOVE" and intelligence. when i see this violent grab in a dog that was approachable and collaborative and was close to be catch by hand , i don´t like and will give you this time a "dislike" always used the "love and affection tactics" first

  • Royal Daisy
    Royal Daisy


  • BB B
    BB B

    U r so gentle it makes me cry

  • Maria Santina Barros
    Maria Santina Barros


  • CookieQueen UwU
    CookieQueen UwU

    Here is my address 6 little avnu

  • CookieQueen UwU
    CookieQueen UwU

    l will adopt the black won

  • diecast jam
    diecast jam

    Poor blind doggy, at least she has a seeing eye human to help guide her, lol.

  • Ritika Mishra
    Ritika Mishra

    pups are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  • AsterlawAsterix

    Good old food..... Always works

  • Janice Vasey
    Janice Vasey

    We smell soooo much better too!

  • Eugene Guly
    Eugene Guly

    Вы удивительно добрый человек с добрейшем сердцем. Добра и удачи Вам!

  • chlordiazepoxide

    To quote Mr Rogers, "Look for the helpers." Thank you for all the good that you're doing and spreading.

  • J T
    J T


  • Byronlee marley
    Byronlee marley

    Now people think I'm a softie because coincidentally, I was cutting an onion while watching this.🙄

  • Crooked Halo
    Crooked Halo

    "Vegan burger?" Dog didn't like it & wouldn't eat such a disgusting thing. GOOD DOG! You certainly can tell this is California.

  • Olga Nagaitseva
    Olga Nagaitseva

    Спасибо Вам за любовь к животным!!!с любовью из России,!у нас все обстоит на много хуже,к сожалению

  • elli lou Ilano
    elli lou Ilano

    ;( Come

  • øblackyø 13
    øblackyø 13

    Its fake

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  • haponskie gaming
    haponskie gaming

    I hope every dogs survive i wish 😭 and cats

  • Dominique BLANCHARD
    Dominique BLANCHARD

    Bonjour Je veux trop trop trop sauver des petits chatons est-ce que vous pouvez me téléphone s'il vous plaît le téléphone de mon père sur 07 78 04 05 09 vous pourrez m'appeler quand vous avez envie parce que moi j'aime trop trop trop petit chaton les chats c'est les trucs les plus mignons du monde

  • Neil

    At 3:15 - funny how all dogs have the magical power to make themselves heavier when they don’t want to be picked up!

  • Kion's Place
    Kion's Place

    (Sorry, you can't donate in this country or region yet) Why?

  • im gonna call the cops
    im gonna call the cops

    Im not crying you are

  • 90wer90

    She a good doggy

  • Glyn Parker
    Glyn Parker

    Broke my heart 😭💔

  • gwg5640

    Some of the sounds you were making during the rescue were scaring me. I was nervous this would not be good. Bravo to you all for a job well done. I'm sending you a few $$$

  • Giannis G
    Giannis G


  • Yolanda Manalo
    Yolanda Manalo

    Loretta you are so great with animal rescue.your compassion Ang bravery is unmatched. You are wonderful. God bless

  • Eric Northman
    Eric Northman

    THANK YOU !!!

  • Rita Merrill
    Rita Merrill

    Shes a doll baby

  • Eric Northman
    Eric Northman

    Love Her !!!

  • Rita Merrill
    Rita Merrill

    You guys do a great job thank u

  • Hendrika Sunqrout
    Hendrika Sunqrout

    Who the hell in their right mind abandons Three doggies at once? I will never understand "HUMAN" nature but it sure sucks!

  • Leyden Rovelo
    Leyden Rovelo

    Why would you give this poor dog a vegan burger? Hasn’t life been cruel enough?

  • roadking99 jokerst
    roadking99 jokerst

    Sure, claim the couch. Good girl.

  • Music

    Did I see a ghost?

  • Kane Boswell
    Kane Boswell

    I cried for the entire video

  • Vanshika Gupta
    Vanshika Gupta

    God bless 💖❤️